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Written by Carly Burdova
Published on May 6, 2021

Whether you want to install a VPN on your iPhone for on-the-go streaming, need cybersecurity protection for your iPhone, or want to find the best app lock for iPad, this is it: the ultimate guide to the best iOS security apps.

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    For starters, let's forget about iPhone viruses — iPhones don't get viruses — and focus on real privacy and security needs for your iPhone, like Wi-Fi protection, a photo vault, password locks, data breach alerts, and the dreaded loss or theft of your phone. All while keeping in mind that iPhones are not completely immune to malicious apps and other threats.

    Best anti-theft apps

    If you've ever had your phone lost or stolen, you know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Just the thought of your entire identity exposed — bank accounts, social media, email, contacts, photos — is enough to send you into panic mode. 

    Mobile security for iPhones means thinking about both cybersecurity and physical security. Hackers can harm you remotely, but a momentary lapse of conscience can turn a would-be do-gooder into a person who keeps your lost iPhone. These anti-theft apps combine well with more general and essential iPhone security tips.

    Find My iPhone

    This well-known app is for both space cadets and those with bad luck. Find My iPhone is a mobile security app that tracks the location of your iPhone if it's lost or stolen. You can remotely lock your device and erase all data and settings if you suspect it's been stolen. If it's lost somewhere in your own home, you can play a sound at full volume to help locate your phone, even if it’s on silent.

    Screenshot of Find My iPhone app which helps locate your iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, or AirPods if lost or stolen.

    Lookout Mobile Security

    Top security apps like Lookout back up your personal data and can alert you to the specific location your phone was before the battery drained. So if it's within reach, but just out of juice, you can find it. If it's been stolen, you at least have the sense of security that the data is wiped cleaned and personal photos secured.

    Screenshots of Lookout Mobile Security app showing app features like Safe Wi-Fi, Safe Browsing, and info on recent data breaches.

    Best applock for iPhone

    You can always hide apps on an iPhone or iPad, but it's even better to lock them. Using an applock for your iPad can prevent kids from accessing inappropriate apps, and an applock for iPhone can add extra security to mobile banking and social media apps in the event of a lost or stolen device. These apps are also great for storing photos and videos with a password.

    Duo Mobile

    iOS security apps like Duo Mobile provide an intelligent two-factor authentication process to ensure your data is protected to the maximum. Duo Mobile approaches security from a zero-trust perspective, which uses granular and contextual access policies to limit information exposure. It’s a great applock for corporations with high risk data vulnerabilities.

    Screenshot of Duo Mobile app showing a list of all the apps which are protected by their app lock feature.


    This applock by Locker has some stealth features to protect your most precious apps. Just put it in the locker and slam it shut, only to be opened by FaceID. You can hide specific photos and videos inside this app, but you can also keep entire apps locked inside. The cool part: you can change the Locker app icon so it looks like a calculator or calendar app.

    Screenshots of Locker app, which locks away apps, photos, and videos.

    Note Lock

    Note Lock promises to hide your private notes in plain sight. Using the app, you can keep a personal diary on your phone that's safe from intruders using passcode and pattern locks. If an incorrect login attempt is made, the time, date, and a photo of the culprit will be saved. It's a private notes iPhone app that has some nice style elements as well.

    Screenshots from Note Lock showing security system settings and the different formats for private notes.

    Best iPhone messaging encryption apps

    For those seeking iPhone security apps that keep hackers, internet service providers, and other prying eyes off your personal information, an iPhone messaging encryption app is what you're looking for.

    The best messaging encryption apps like Signal, Wickr Me, and Dust provide end-to-end encryption that ensures the messages you send and receive are only visible to you and one other person. Period. No one else — not governmental agencies, ISPs, nor even the most dangerous and famous hackers known today — can see what you’re talking about. 

    Messaging encryption apps aren't just for whistleblowers, they're for anyone who likes knowing their personal messages are private. It doesn't matter if everything you do is legal, ethical, and by-the-book: privacy is privacy.

    That's why even popular messaging apps like WhatsApp offer end-to-end encryption. But stay vigilant, a change to Whatsapp's privacy policy (or any other app's policy) could leave your messages or data exposed.

    Best antivirus and malware apps

    It’s well-known that iPhones and iPads technically don't get viruses, but are you still wondering what the best free virus protection is for iPhone? The best choice is an app that keeps your Wi-Fi networks secure and offers 24/7 data breach notifications. 

    One of the reasons you own an iPhone is its built-in defenses against viruses and other types of malware. Apple tightly controls the software that can and cannot be loaded onto an iPhone, making iOS significantly less susceptible to external threats. Still, jailbroken iPhones can carry spyware and are vulnerable to malware. You may even need to learn how to remove ransomware from an iPhone.

    Here, we have the best iOS security apps to stop hackers and protect your iPhone in the same way you protect your computer or laptop. Not sure how to protect your computer from viruses? We've got a list of the best free antivirus software too.

    AVG Mobile Security and Photo Vault

    The most critical element of any free iPhone security app is privacy. With viruses and malware not likely to infect an iOS device, your main concern should be password protection, photo vault, and Wi-Fi security. For this, we highly recommend AVG Mobile Security.

    AVG Mobile Security for iOS

    One of the easiest ways for a hacker to breach iPhone privacy is through an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. AVG Mobile Security uses powerful detection technology to make sure every network is safe enough for you to use. Then you can connect to the hotel, cafe, or public Wi-Fi network knowing there's no DNS hijacking or weak router issues. 

    AVG Mobile Security is also the best vault app for iPhone. Use a photo vault to lock away 40 private pictures (unlimited on the Pro version). Plus, the password breach feature will alert you if your email password is ever leaked.


    MobiShield is another great iOS security app. The scanning feature conducts a system check to identify potential privacy breaches. With MobiShield you'll know if your iPhone has been jailbroken or if risky software has been unknowingly installed. MobiShield also offers a security vault to encrypt photos, videos, and other files that even filefinder apps can't access.

    Screenshot of MobiShield app showing various security features like location services and traffic monitoring.

    Most secure iPhone password apps

    Smartphones don't leave much room for creativity when it comes to passwords. A short PIN or a crafty finger swipe is all that stands between your data and anyone who gets ahold of your phone. That's why you need to know how to put passwords on iPhone apps

    And if you have a lot of apps you want to protect, you’ll need a password manager. A password manager keeps all your app access codes in one secure place. Each app is protected with a unique password, but you don't lose your mind trying to remember them all.

    Plus, when the best way to create a strong password is to use a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols — you really might go mad trying to memorize all your app passwords.


    LastPass promises to be your auto-pilot for all your passwords. It's a great hacker-protection app that has three storage categories including website, form fills, and secure notes. This means when you shop online, LastPass will prefill checkout forms with payment details, all while keeping your passwords and data behind locked doors. The app is also super simple to set up, navigate, and use. 

    While LastPass still offers a free version of their password app, their 2020 acquisition by two investment firms has pushed them to give loyal customers an uncomfortable ultimatum: pay up, or lose access across multiple devices. This means the freemium version is only available on one device type at a time — either mobile or desktop. 

    Screenshots of LastPass app showing easy user set up and various security options.


    As the name suggests, 1Password simplifies your passwords for a multitude of accounts. Not only does it save an unlimited amount of passwords, 1Password also safely secures credit card details and addresses, making it one of the best password manager apps around. You can use Touch or FaceID when using the app and even mark passwords as favorites. It's one of the best apps to stop hackers from gaining access to sensitive information on your phone.

    Screenshot of 1Password app that shows how easy it is to store passwords for all of your apps include bank apps, social media, and email.


    Bitwarden is a free and open-source password management app that allows you to store an unlimited number of passwords and sync them across all your devices — you can access your passwords via standalone apps, browser extensions, or their website. The open-source software allows Bitwarden to be inspected for security holes and sketchy activity. You can use Bitwarden to store your passwords in the cloud or locally on your device.

    The Bitwarden password manager app for iOS

    Most secure browsers and VPNs for iPhone

    Secure browsers and VPNs (virtual private networks) are now for the gold standard of iPhone privacy. This is where premier privacy comes into play, offering you complete freedom and privacy when surfing the world wild web, unblocking websites, accessing global content, and shopping online. 

    The best secure browser for iPad and iPhone is one that offers anti-phishing detection, anti-tracking protection, and forces HTTPS encryption even if the website you're visiting doesn't offer it. There are a multitude of top secure browsers in 2021, but here, we highlight the top three. 

    VPNs are digital tunnels that get you to wherever you're going on the internet, without anyone tracking you. Most people know them for their usefulness on computers, but VPNs also protect iPhones and Android.

    AVG Secure VPN

    The best VPN built for iOS is AVG Secure VPN. It's an easy-to-use VPN that looks good too. AVG Secure VPN lets you access the internet and stream content without anyone knowing what you're doing. Download, install, and connect to your choice of over 50 secure locations in just a single tap.

    AVG Secure VPN encrypts your connection to safeguard your online privacy.

    AVG Secure VPN offers military-grade encryption which can protect up to 10 devices simultaneously. Use it on your home computer, iPad, iPhone, and laptop all at the same time. It makes it effortless to stream your favorite content and maintain privacy across all your devices.

    Avast SecureLine VPN

    Another fast and simple VPN for iPhone is Avast SecureLine VPN. It boasts a large server coverage network and promises to keep your iPhone safe when accessing apps and potentially unsafe websites.

    Stop third parties from tracking online activity, stream the online content you want, and protect your phone from hackers when using public Wi-Fi. This VPN by Avast is Apple-approved for best compatibility and performance. Plus, it offers unlimited usage.

    Screenshot of Avast SecureLine VPN with highlights of the top features such as 50+ locations and hacker prevention.

    Avast Secure Browser

    One of the best secure browsers for iPad is Avast Secure Browser. Also a great secure iPhone browser, Avast focuses on hacker prevention and data encryption. An intuitive features page lets you toggle on the ad blocker, VPN integration, and tracker blocker. You can even opt to have the browser close tabs as you exit a session. 

    Avast Secure Browser’s encryption protects browsing data, bookmarks, downloads, IP address, and DNS queries. It's a great browser for shopping online, using online banking, or simply browsing without the fear of leaving a trail of data behind.

    Screenshots of Avast Secure Browser showing various setting options such as Block Ads, Do not track, and VPN enabled.

    Onion Browser

    Another great iPhone protection app is Onion Browser. They claim to be the original free and open-source Tor-powered web browser. This iPhone app allows you to surf the web securely and anonymously while clearing cookies and closing tabs each time you exit, depending on how preferences are set. Onion Browser is particularly good at protecting people on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

    Screenshots of Onion Browser with specific information of the Tor Circuit which connects you to a webpage.

    Keep your iPhone secure with AVG Mobile Security for iOS

    Smarter security for your iPhone and iPad starts with AVG Mobile Security. Even iOS devices have vulnerabilities, and that's why AVG protects beyond the threat of typical mobile viruses and malware. This app automatically checks Wi-Fi connections for problems, monitors for password leaks 24/7, and even provides a photo vault to protect your precious moments. 

    Search with a secure browser, protect with a password manager, but first and foremost, cover your entire device with the best iPhone privacy app and iPad security app out there, free from AVG.

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