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Not another Facebook leak!

Yep, yep. Facebook first fessed up to their latest security breach back in September, stating that up to 90 million user accounts had been compromised by hackers. Now that number has been reduced to 29 million users, 14 million of whom have seen a substantial amount of personal info leaked.

This article contains:

    What personal data has been leaked?

    Hackers could see their phone numbers and email addresses of 29 million Facebook users — and plenty more personal information of 14 million of these, including their work, education, current city, people they follow, their last 15 Facebook searches, and the last 10 places they were tagged in.

    That’s a lot of personal data to have out there in the open without your knowledge or consent.

    Are you part of the leak? Here’s how to check

    Checking if your account is part of this breach is easy:

    • Make sure you’re logged onto your Facebook account.

    • Go to this link, which is Facebook’s own explanation page about the leak.

    • Scroll down to the end of the page. You’ll see a section called `’Is my Facebook account impacted by this security issue?” There you go. Now you know.

    Anything else I should do?

    After a hack of this magnitude, it’s always a good idea to change your password, just to be safe.

    Additionally, have a look at these easy tips to secure your Facebook account — including a simple guide to temporarily deactivating your Facebook, in case you’re fed up with the constant security breaches and you feel like you could use a break.

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