Admit it. When you’re alone, you walk around the house in your underwear. Maybe your wife’s underwear. You sing to bad pop music. When the chorus hits, you twerk. By god, you twerk.

And that’s OK. What you do behind closed doors is your business.

But what if those doors were glass, and everyone could see your private dance party? Science says you’d act differently. Even if you’re doing nothing wrong, a pair of watchful eyes can raise your stress levels.

And for good reason. In an age when you can be publicly judged (and condemned) based on a single recorded moment, it pays to behave. Your job — and social standing — is at stake. You’re walking a tightrope above a crowd waiting for you to fall. 

Silhouette of a man balancing on a tightrope against an orange sky.

Don't worry. The cameras will catch you.

Who’s watching you?

Anyone who’s managed to infect your PC with a Remote Access Trojan could be watching you this very moment. Even if your webcam light is off. Mark Zuckerberg apparently uses tape to cover his webcam, but that just looks silly. And if you’ve got a cat, you’ll soon have a hairball staring back at you every time you sit down at your computer. 

Black cat arching its back in front of a laptop with hairballs on the webcam and keyboard.

I see you, human. I seeee you.

Introducing Webcam Protection (it’s so much cooler than tape)

Now part of AVG Internet Security, Webcam Protection blocks malware and untrusted apps from hijacking your PC’s webcam. In other words, it ends webcam spying. For good. With Webcam Protection, you can:

  • Protect your privacy
    Keep peeping Toms out of your house — and children’s bedrooms — by allowing only trusted apps to use your webcam and being warned when anything suspicious tries to access your camera.
  • Take back control of your webcam
    Maintain total control over what can and cannot use your webcam by forcing untrusted applications to get your permission before using your camera.
  • Help prevent blackmail
    A hacker could threaten to release naked photos of you or your family unless you pay. We help you avoid this blackmail by blocking a hacker’s access to your webcam in the first place. 
Screenshot of Webcam Protection settings within AVG Internet Security

As long as the green button is on, feel free to get your private twerk on.

3 levels of protection

Webcam Protection is turned on by default, but you can open its settings anytime to adjust your level of privacy.

Screenshot of Webcam Protection's 3 levels of security: Smart Mode, Strict Mode, and No Mercy

  • Smart Mode
    This is the default setting that works best for most people. In Smart Mode, apps that our antivirus recognizes as safe (e.g., Skype, Slack, etc.) can freely use your webcam. Everything else must get your permission.
  • Strict Mode
    In Strict Mode, we’ll ask your permission anytime any app (even a trusted one) tries to use your webcam.
  • No Mercy
    If you decide to show “No Mercy”, you won’t be asked at all. We’ll simply block all apps from using your webcam.

Try Webcam Protection now

Forget the silly pieces of tape, and just be yourself again. With Webcam Protection on your side, you can be guaranteed that no one’s watching you through your PC’s webcam.

If you’re an AVG Internet Security user, you’ll have gotten Webcam Protection with the free security update we pushed to you on September 26.

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