One Parent To Another
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What's inside

This book is designed for, and inspired by, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, caregivers, and anyone who helps raise children.

With this in mind, I have created this guide that uses real-world examples drawn from my family, my friends, and people just like you. Together, we all share responsibility for their well-being. We’re the role models. We’re the ones who give them the tools, knowledge, and wisdom that will set them on the right path of life. Through us, they learn to cross the road safely, how to deal with strangers, and simply how to enjoy a happy, healthy life. Today, we live in an online world. My hope is that you’ll find some of the solutions in this book inspiring, put them to use, and then pass them along.

Even if you take only one piece of advice you’ll still be one more family who’s safer than they were before - and you’ll be one more family who can be an example for others. The approach is time-tested and direct: advocate good morals, and practice what you preach. That’s the way we’ll all stay safer online.

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“It seems like just about everything connects to something else these days. It’s been that way for some time actually and, increasingly, these connections are made wirelessly. The days of pesky wires and cables are passing us by and entering the age of wireless. Look around. Our computer connects to the printer. Our TV connects to the Internet. And our phone connects to the toilet.

Yes, I did say the toilet.

Trust me, I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. In fact, the BBC News posted an article on a luxury toilet designed to play music, dispense fragrance, and flush - all by remote control using a smartphone app. While you might think they wanted to run that article for laughs, there was actually a serious issue with the luxury toilet in question. The thing is, this “connected toilet” could get hacked.”

About Author
Tony Anscombe

Tony Anscombe is a father and Ambassador of Free Products for AVG Technologies. Tony’s role at AVG is to bring to our growing population of free users the products and solutions that allow them to enjoy their online experiences while trusting AVG to help provide them protection from malware and data loss. He also blogs about online family life.

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