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Wat is RAM-geheugen?

RAM holds all the data you’re currently using, from the website you’re looking at to the movement of your mouse from one side of the screen to the other.

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    Whenever you do anything on your computer, you execute a lot of processes. Type a sentence, save a document, jump in a video game — behind all of that work is your RAM.

    Now that you know what RAM is and what it stands for, you’ll have a much better idea of how RAM works to help your computer streamline your work.

    Wat doet het RAM-geheugen?

    RAM stores the data that helps your computer perform its most important tasks, such as loading apps, browsing websites, and editing documents. RAM lets you open apps and files quickly, because your computer can easily find the data in its short-term memory. Keeping the info you regularly use easily accessible helps your computer work more quickly.

    As short-term memory, RAM is designed to work with small bits of data at a time. For example, when you click on a link to go to a new website, a series of capacitors and transistors (basically switches) in the RAM’s circuit board turn on or off, letting your computer translate the link into the web page you see.

    If you’re working on a document or spreadsheet and want to save your work for later, you’ll move it from being stored in your RAM, where it can be found immediately, into the long-term storage of your hard drive. And your computer will need to do more work to pull up data from your hard drive (longer-term memory).

    Het RAM-geheugen is rechtstreeks met het moederbord van de computer verbonden, wat zeer hoge snelheden mogelijk maakt. Hoe groter het RAM-geheugen, des te beter uw computer zal presteren.

    Meanwhile, some background processes tend to work all the time, even when they don’t need to.

    Try it today to streamline your computer and get more space for what you really need.

    Wat heeft het RAM-geheugen voor nut?

    RAM can process data at lightning-fast speeds. Its ability to randomly access data means you can get to any spot in the RAM just as quickly as any other spot. RAM sits on top of the processor, which explains why your processor can do tasks seemingly instantaneously.

    Alleen daar kunnen gegevens in nanoseconden worden gelezen en geschreven.

    Inserting RAM sticks into a computer's motherboard.

    For example, when you edit a Microsoft Word file, you might think you're working deep inside the folders of your hard drive. But, in computing terms, your hard drive is quite far from your workstation.

    Het RAM-geheugen zorgt ervoor dat de processor meteen over de informatie beschikt die u nodig hebt. Imagine wanting to read a paragraph from your favorite book — you could ask a friend to read it to you over the phone (like calling on your hard drive), or you could simply grab the book and read it yourself.


    Verschillende soorten RAM-geheugen

    There are two main types of RAM: SRAM and DRAM.

    • SRAM is used in cache memories, like the small files your processor (CPU) accesses all the time.

    • That’s why it’s called dynamic, because the gradual energy decline means that it needs to be refreshed periodically to work properly. When the power is cut, the electrical charges dissipate and the RAM is emptied of data.

    But the cost of manufacturing is higher.

    SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM) connects RAM to the computer’s system clock. Syncing the memory to the system clock brings your memory up to speed.

    The pulse of the system clock can be pictured as a sine wave. Op elke piek van de golf seint het SDRAM-geheugen gegevens door. With DDR, data is sent twice during each clock cycle, so you get speeds that are twice as fast.

    Each new generation of DDR increases this bandwidth. With each new generation of DDR, less power is consumed, due to lower voltage requirements.

    Wat voor RAM-geheugen zit er in mijn computer?

    U gebruikt waarschijnlijk DDR4 RAM-geheugen. Dat zit tegenwoordig in de meeste computers. That stick of RAM is made up of tiny little capacitors constantly being filled and refilled with electricity so they can remember every single bit of data.


      SRAM needs constant power, but the capacitors inside don't need to be continually recharged to keep the data accessible.


      DRAM is a more practical type of RAM, but because it discharges energy, its power needs to be refreshed in order to function.


      Het video-RAM-geheugen is geheugen waarin alle gegevens worden bewaard waar u op dat moment mee bezig bent. VRAM is just like RAM, except that it sits on your graphics card focusing on image data.

    Met meer VRAM worden de graphics van uw games scherper weergegeven.

    Hoeveel RAM-geheugen heb ik nodig?

    If you browse the web and edit basic documents like Word and Excel files, most computers will perform very well with 8 GB of RAM.



    If you work with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or other media-editing software, 32 GB will give you a very smooth editing experience. Multimedia files can be huge, and more RAM will certainly speed up your work.




    When you're working with many large data files simultaneously, you need more than 16 GB of RAM.

    Should I get more RAM?

    More RAM doesn’t always result in performance gains. Performance problems arise when the tasks your computer is managing exceed your RAM’s capacity. When that happens, your hard drive has to pick up the slack, slowing down your machine.


    Een schermafbeelding van Windows Taakbeheer waarin de geheugenkolom is gemarkeerd.

    Your RAM will always function at top speed unless and until you ask too much of it. With 8 GB of RAM you can have hundreds of Chrome tabs open and you won’t notice a difference. Het is dan zonde van het geld om het RAM-geheugen uit te breiden.


    Wanneer moet u het RAM-geheugen bijwerken?

    Misschien hebt u nog een oude MacBook die alleen een geheugenupgrade nodig heeft om optimaal te presteren. You'll have to check the processor and hard drive, but if they aren’t outdated or worn out, a new stick of RAM might be enough.

    PC motherboards come with extra slots for additional RAM, making it easy to power up a sluggish computer.


    Android phones need more RAM than other smartphones, but don’t pay for too much. Android werkt prima met 4 GB.

    What’s the difference between RAM, ROM, and general storage?


    Since their acronyms are so similar, you may confuse RAM and ROM. But they’re two very different types of memory.

    ROM data is located directly on the motherboard and tells a computer how to work. It's the first thing your computer accesses when you turn it on. ROM data is your computer’s most essential data, because nothing else is accessible without it.

    Zoals de naam aangeeft kan het ROM-geheugen (“Read-Only Memory” oftewel alleen-lezengeheugen) niet worden gewijzigd. RAM data, by contrast, is constantly being changed.

    How does RAM differ from stored data?

    Wanneer u een bestand opslaat, wordt een kopie daarvan van het RAM-geheugen naar de harde schijf gestuurd.

    Een geheugencel is net een lekkende emmer en juist daardoor is het RAM-geheugen zo snel.

    The quicker accessibility of RAM is ideal for working directly with lots of data. De hoeveelheid RAM-opslag bepaalt hoeveel programma’s en bestanden er tegelijk geopend kunnen zijn. Daarom is het van groot belang dat deze over voldoende RAM-geheugen beschikt.

    Apparaten sneller laten werken zonder het RAM-geheugen uit te breiden

    If your computer doesn’t have enough space to do what you need, the first solution is simple and much cheaper than buying more RAM — simply clear up more space.

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