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When almost everything you need to buy can be found online - even while you’re on the move - it can be tempting to make purchases without a second thought. You’ve found the best deal on the exact product you want and the most convenient delivery option. But have you considered:

  • Whether the site or item is legitimate, and how to find out
  • Other potential threats, such as whether your credit card details are secure
  • What rights you have, especially if buying from abroad, and whether there are hidden charges

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“The marketplace is now global: if you can’t find the hottest Christmas toy in any Toys ‘R Us for three states, you can probably order it from China. If you forgot to pick up a vacation souvenir from France to thank your neighbors for watering your garden, you can order a trinket from Etsy that you wouldn’t have found in a Parisian market anyway. But are they genuine, and are your credit card details in safe hands? Will the items ever arrive and if they turn up broken, what can you do?”

About Author
Judy Bitterli

Judith Bitterli has more than 25 years executive experience and is now Senior Vice President at AVG. Judith is also a former owner of three companies and is steeped in the joys and travails of start-ups and sustaining growing small businesses. She blogs at

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