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Magda and Mo are two curious kids who want to play online but need your help to make good choices. Follow their interactive adventures and help them decide during the story if they should do it themselves or ask a grown-up for help?

Magda and Mo have been created by AVG with the help of the international Internet safety charity, Childnet, to help parents and children learn together about how to safely enjoy life online. The characters feature in a series of stories that deal with topics like Internet security and online protection, safe surfing and searching, and how to deal with issues like cyber-bullying and being a good friend online. There are Notes for Grown-ups at the end of the stories that feature good advice for parents about how to talk positively to their children about the internet. So click a story to get started, learn and have fun!

Animishmash and the Cyber Bullfrog

Animishmash and the Cyber Bullfrog (ages 7+)

Magda and Mo are playing a cool new game called Animishmash. But Bill the Bullfrog keeps sending them mean messages online. What should the two friends do about it?

This click-or-tell story looks at how to deal with cyber-bullying and how to be a good friend online.


The Pirate's Donut

The Pirate's Donut (for ages 3+)

Mo's tummy is rumbling and he wants some donuts. But why do donuts have holes? Maybe Magda and Mo will find the answer on their parents' computer?

In this click-or-tell story you can help Magda and Mo safely search the internet, learn new things and avoid scary stuff online.


Children’s Internet safety charity, Childnet, has some simple advice for parents to help them talk to their children about playing safely online.

  • The Internet is a fantastic place full of information and opportunities to learn new things.

    Help your children get the most out of their time online by using the internet together. Embrace the technologies that your children enjoy and talk about how to use them in a positive way. Conversation and engagement are key to helping children stay safe online.
  • Always tell an adult.

    Sometimes we see things online that make us worried or uncomfortable. Other times messages appear on websites or devices and knowing what to do next isn’t always clear.

    Remind your children to always tell an adult if they are worried are unsure about anything related to use of the internet or technology.
  • Not everything or everyone online is reliable or always telling the truth.

    Help your children find reliable information by exploring several websites together to make sure they all give the same information. You can also use books to check facts you find online.
  • Explore the tools available on sites and services your family enjoys.

    Search engines and other sites/services often have filtering options or parental controls to limit what children can access. Look out for these tools and take the time to learn how they can work best for your family.

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