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Here are a few easy tips for creating iron-clad passwords

1. The longer, the better

Length is the most important factor when creating a password. For example, a 16-character password would take around 22 billion years for a computer to crack using only random attempts.

2. Randomize!

A good password generator is effective at creating strong passwords, because it chooses characters at random. Here are a few ways you can create random, easy-to-remember passwords even without a password generator:


A. Make up a sentence, like this:


B. Mix up random words, and even words from other languages:


C. Use the first letters of a longer sentence:

I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when watching television at night =


3. Use the whole keyboard

Another reason password generators create strong passwords is because they use characters you didn’t even know existed. Capitals, numbers, and symbols add to the number of possibilities a hacker needs to check to break your password, and so make it a lot stronger. Try these tips for using special characters in your password:

A. Swap characters:
Swap similar-looking characters like the letter s with the number 5, or replace words like to, and, or at with 2, &, or @. Then add the occasional capital letter.

Using our previous peanut butter and jelly sandwich example, we can get:


B. Add random characters between spaces:
diamondarrogantapplebonjour = 1diamond@arrogant2applePbonjour

4. The more passwords, the merrier

If you only have one password and hackers get to one of your accounts, they’ll have access to everything you do online. But if you’re using unique passwords for each account, you can isolate breaches.

Make your life easier with password managers

Password managers are the best password generators out there because they can create all the incredibly long and random passwords you need, and they can remember them all for you so you don’t have to.

All you need to do is remember a single master password.

Whenever a website, application, or other service asks you to sign in, your password manager will ask for your master password and then provide the unique one to the website.

So if you’re looking to use strong passwords to be safer online, but don’t want to go crazy remembering them, we recommend you try Dashlane. It can:

  • Test your current passwords to see how strong they are
  • Check if your passwords are old and need updating
  • And it even includes a one-click changer for all your online passwords

So go ahead and try it out. It’s free:
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