AVG TuneUp — Junkware Removal Tool (JRT)

Put junkware and junk files where they belong: in the trash. Get rid of gigabytes of unnecessary junk in just a few clicks with AVG TuneUp. Streamline apps, Windows, and your whole system with our top-rated junkware removal tool.

Detect and delete junkware with ease

Never used a junkware removal tool (also known as a JRT) or manually cleared out junk? Your PC likely contains tons of preinstalled apps you don't need and useless temporary files that are constantly depleting your precious resources. Reclaim disk space, RAM, and CPU power with our easy-to-use JRT: AVG TuneUp.

Ready to refresh your PC and get it running like new? This JRT download will carefully remove as much unnecessary data as possible — while always saving the files and apps you need. Download AVG TuneUp today and get our junk removal tool along with a wealth of other optimization features in one user-friendly app.

What can AVG TuneUp do? Let’s talk numbers

How much junkware removal and optimization can you expect with AVG TuneUp? Our lab tests found:

  • • 71 GB cleaned up: Reclaim gigabytes of space by removing both junk apps and files. Enjoy more space for your most important files and memories.

  • • 30% faster performance: Without unnecessary apps running in the background, you’ll find everything runs better and faster.

  • • 79% quicker startup: A streamlined PC works better across the board, especially when it comes to boot times.

  • * The results from our lab are indicative only. Your results may vary.


Give your machine the ultimate cleanup with our JRT

More than just a junk removal tool, AVG TuneUp includes all kinds of cleaning and optimization features. Deep-scan your PC to fix registry errors, automatically update your software to fix security issues, and streamline your disk. Then keep it in top shape with Automatic Maintenance.

Remove junkware from your Mac and Android, too

Insidious junkware can also sneak into Macs and Androids. Remove junk data and optimize all your devices with AVG TuneUp.

Make your Mac run as sleek as it looks with AVG TuneUp for Mac: lean and streamlined, without junk data, PUPs, or duplicate files.

Take your Android to the moon with AVG Cleaner for Android: remove mobile junkware and make your phone blazing fast with better battery life.

Download AVG TuneUp to automatically remove junkware

It’s time to get rid of junkware. Take out the trash and optimize your PC from top to bottom with AVG TuneUp. Get more space, better performance, and a better computing experience today.


What is junkware?

Junkware is unwanted software that takes up space on your device and slows it down. Junkware is often preinstalled on your computer or phone, or bundled with legitimate software downloads.

Junkware goes by many additional names: bloatware, crapware, PUP (potentially unwanted program), PUA (potentially unwanted application). Some junkware can even be malicious software and may track what you do online or display ads.

Even if you never open a junkware app, it still takes up space and can consume your RAM and CPU power by running secretly in the background. That’s why we definitely recommend junkware removal.

How can I remove junkware?

To manually remove junkware, find what you don’t need and follow the steps to delete the unnecessary app from your PC. Sort through your system to dig up and delete old registry entries, dead shortcuts, old cache files, and other temporary files that were attached to the junkware app.

Not sure where to look? That’s why we recommend a JRT like AVG TuneUp, which will search and destroy all digital traces left behind from an uninstalled app. It will also help you identify which apps are actually junkware and can be safely removed.

How do I use AVG’s junkware removal tool?

Developed by world-class cybersecurity experts, AVG’s JRT cleaner is safe and easy to use. Just fire up the app, go to the Unnecessary Programs screen, and choose what to remove. You’ll see a star rating from our reputation system to help you identify what should go. Not sure if you should remove a particular app? Put it in quarantine mode and see if you miss it before getting rid of it.

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