AVG TuneUp — Bloatware Remover

Bloatware bogs down your PC and consumes your resources. It can plaster your screen with ads and, even worse, spy on you and present other security risks. Get improved performance and heightened security with AVG TuneUp’s top-rated bloatware remover.

Blast away bloatware and streamline your PC

Bloatware and other unwanted software, also called junkware or crapware, is just like it sounds. It’s junk — junk that eats up your RAM, CPU power, and other resources. It may have come preinstalled on your computer or been bundled with other software you downloaded. Either way, bloatware removal is a snap with AVG TuneUp.

AVG TuneUp is more than a bloatware remover and software uninstaller — we’ve packed dozens of cleaning and optimization features into one refreshingly simple yet powerful tool. Download it today to harness the full power of your machine.

What can AVG TuneUp do? Let’s talk numbers

Jumpstart your PC performance with AVG TuneUp. Our lab tests found:

  • 71 GB cleaned up: Effective bloatware removal — along with clearing out unnecessary junk data from your browser and hard disk — saves you gigabytes of space for the things you really care about.

  • 30% faster work performance: Cleaning out all the junk apps and files from your PC means you have more RAM and CPU available for your important tasks.

  • 79% quicker startup: A finely tuned PC saves you tons of time. Enjoy faster boot times so you can begin working without having to wait around.

  • * The results from our lab are indicative only. Your results may vary.

Give your machine the ultimate cleanup

AVG TuneUp’s patented technology deep-scans your machine to fix errors and optimize settings and performance. From crapware removal to silencing resource-draining apps, we’ll get your PC in tip-top shape — and our Automatic Maintenance feature will make sure it stays that way.

Remove bloatware from your Mac and Android, too

It’s not just PCs that get bogged down with bloatware, unnecessary files, and other junk data. Streamline and optimize all your devices with AVG TuneUp.

Say goodbye to leftover temporary data and apps you never use with AVG TuneUp for Mac. Plus, easily sort through your photos to identify and delete duplicates and blurry shots. 

Remove sneaky mobile bloatware with AVG Cleaner for Android. Free up loads of space, get faster speeds, and improve the battery life of your Android phone or tablet.

Removing bloatware is a snap with AVG TuneUp

You don’t have to put up with a computer bogged down with bloatware. Download our bloatware remover and blast away junkware today. Plus, enjoy a dozen other cleaning and optimization tools that will get your PC running like new again.


What is bloatware?

Bloatware, also called crapware and junkware, is useless software that finds its way onto your computer. It generally comes preinstalled on new PCs, or bundled together with other legitimate software you downloaded. Some common types of bloatware come in the form of free trials, toolbars, and apps made by your PC manufacturer and preloaded on your machine, like financial or weather apps. Other bloatware looks and behaves a lot like adware and spyware, which are types of malicious software.


Not only is bloatware useless, it also eats up your resources by consuming disk space. Sometimes it runs in the background — even if you’ve never intentionally used it — where it can gobble up your RAM and CPU power.

How do I remove bloatware?

You can remove bloatware manually by identifying programs you don’t want and following the normal steps to uninstall the software. But it can be difficult to sort through all of your apps and identify those you truly don’t need. And after you uninstall a program, it can leave remnants behind in the form of old registry entries, dead shortcuts, and temporary files. That’s why using a dedicated bloatware removal tool like AVG TuneUp makes getting rid of bloatware so easy. We’ll identify the software you no longer need and make sure to remove all the files and other leftover junk connected with it.


Unsure if you want to remove a particular app? Our cloud-based reputation system will help you decide, by telling you how other users have rated the app. And if you’re still unsure, we’ll help you put the app in quarantine where it’s frozen and you can decide later if you’re ready to actually delete it.

Is AVG’s Software Uninstaller feature safe to use?

Absolutely! AVG TuneUp was developed by optimization experts, and we continue to improve it with every release. Safely deep-clean your entire PC and optimize your disk, browser, Windows operating system, and more than 200 apps with our expertise.

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