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Rootkits are some of the most insidious types of malware out there — keep them off your computer with one of the best rootkit removers available. AVG AntiVirus FREE is a powerful rootkit scanner and remover that cleans rootkits from your device and defends against many other types of threats. Stay protected with a fast and lightweight anti-rootkit tool that’s 100% free.

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The award-winning AVG AntiVirus FREE includes a robust rootkit checker and remover backed by decades of cybersecurity expertise. Scan and remove rootkits and other malware with our leading anti-rootkit solution. And root out really deep rootkits with our special boot-time scan feature.

Get complete rootkit protection and ward off all other types of online threats with AVG AntiVirus FREE’s refreshingly simple security solution. Did we mention that it’s 100% free?

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The pros agree that AVG AntiVirus FREE excels at detecting and removing rootkits — that’s why it’s consistently ranked as one of the top products out there. Download it now for free and see why AV Comparatives recognized AVG AntiVirus FREE as a Top Product of 2019.

Antivirus Comparatives
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Softpedia Editor's Review
5 of 5 - Excelent

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Protect your Mac and mobile, too

Outfit all your devices with industry-leading cybersecurity. No device is immune from online threats, not even your Mac or mobile phone.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Mac.brings all the power of our PC solution to macOS. It’ll protect your Mac from malware while also detecting any PC and mobile threats that might harm your family, friends, and colleagues who use other devices. Protect yourself and the people you care about with one free and easy solution.

With AVG AntiVirus for Android, you’ve got a full cybersecurity suite right in your pocket. Defend your Android device against rootkits and other malware, and if your phone gets stolen, hunt it down with our built-in Anti-Theft Phone Tracker. As a last resort, you can remotely wipe your phone to keep your personal data out of the wrong hands.

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AVG AntiVirus FREE is your single best defense against rootkits and all the other malware out there. Scan and remove rootkits to send them packing, and then protect
against future infections with around-the-clock rootkit detection. Get cutting-edge anti-rootkit security, totally free.


Why are rootkits dangerous?

Rootkits are usually built to do two things: grant access to your computer and stay hidden while doing so. With a rootkit, a hacker can hijack your data, install additional malware, spy on you, or even take over your computer.

How do you know if you have a rootkit?

By design, rootkits are stealthy. However, you may have a rootkit infection if you notice the following symptoms:

  1. You’re seeing websites redirecting to other sites.

  2. You’re seeing software that you didn’t install yourself.

  3. Your settings and configurations have changed.

  4. You’re consuming more bandwidth than makes sense for your online activities.

  5. Your antivirus software has been disabled.

Can our antivirus detect rootkits?

Yes it can! AVG AntiVirus FREE is a strong and reliable anti-rootkit solution able to scan for and detect rootkits on your device, then remove them.

Is a rootkit a virus?

Nope! Rootkits and viruses are both examples of malware, which is any type of software or code designed to harm or compromise a system. But other than that, they don’t have much in common. While rootkits can be nearly invisible, viruses are usually quite conspicuous.

What does a rootkit modify?

Not all rootkits work the same. But many rootkits will modify files in your operating system’s kernel — a program at the core of your computer, with control over all other parts — in order to conceal their presence against a standard system inspection. For example, a rootkit may disable your computer’s ability to log events, so that no record is left of the attack.

System requirements

We’re not demanding. All you need is a PC with Windows 108 or 7*, 1 GB RAM 
and 2 GB of hard disk space. And that’s it.

* Both the 32- and 64-bit versions, excluding Starter and RT editions.

Windows 10 compatible

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