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Clear cache, delete cookies, and clean your browser with our top-notch cleaning tool. AVG TuneUp is a browser cleaner, cookie cleaner, and cache cleaner all in one. Download it today for better internet browsing.

A comprehensive browser cleaner for
major web browsers

AVG TuneUp is compatible with 25 of the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge, and more. Let AVG TuneUp’s built-in browser cleaner tune up your machine to give you more space and privacy. Enjoy better browsing, no matter which browser you use.

AVG TuneUp is more than just a browser cleaner. We’ve packed a ton of extremely powerful cleaning and optimization tools into one refreshingly simply and easy-to-use clean-up suite. Download AVG TuneUp today and make your PC feel like new again.

What can AVG TuneUp do? Let’s talk numbers

Removing your browser’s unnecessary leftover files means more space and speed for the things you really care about. Our lab tests found:

  • 30% faster work performance: With unneeded files gone from your browser, disk, and apps, you’ll have more space and resources to play with. And more RAM and CPU means faster work performance.

  • 79% quicker startup: A cleaned up computer works faster and better. Enjoy lightning-quick boot times so you can start using your PC in a flash.

  • 71 GB cleaned up: Get rid of unnecessary browser data, old files from your apps, and chunky bloatware. Reclaim gigabytes of free space.

  • * The results from our lab are indicative only. Your results may vary.

Give your machine the ultimate cleanup

Clean your browser on Mac and Android, too

You probably browse the web on a few different devices. Did you know that cookies, cache, and browsing history build up and create clutter on Macs and Androids, too?

AVG TuneUp for Mac cleans out browser traces, tracking cookies, and other unnecessary files for a fully optimized Apple machine.

AVG Cleaner for Android roots out cache files, temporary data, and unused apps to free up tons of space and get your Android phone or tablet running 20% faster.

Download AVG TuneUp to optimize your browser

Don’t let your browser continue to slow you down. Download AVG TuneUp today to clear your cache, delete browser cookies, and make your browser sparkle. Plus, treat your entire PC to our suite of built-in maintenance and optimization tools.


What are browser caches and cookies?

Your browser creates a lot of temporary files during normal internet browsing. The cache refers to files of website elements — like images, videos, text, and more — that your browser downloads and stores in case you return to the same website again. Then, if you do return, your browser can load those elements from the cache, which saves time. But if you never view that particular site again, your browser has no use for those cache files. When you consider how many social media sites, e-shops, and other pages with lots of graphics you visit on a daily basis, you’ll realize just how much useless cache data your browser has stored.


Cookies are a bit different. They keep track of who you are and what you do on a site. Cookies are what enable a website to remember that you’re logged in, or what your preferred language is. Tracking cookies are a specific type of cookie that third parties use to follow you around the web, log your browsing habits and other online behavior, and then sell that data to advertisers or other interested parties. We recommend clearing out tracking cookies regularly to protect your privacy.

How can I clear my cache or cookies?

It’s possible to clear your cache, cookies, and search history yourself by going into your browser’s settings and deleting them one by one. Here are more detailed instructions on how to clear cookies and how to delete your search and browsing history. Note that while manually cleaning out your browser works for that moment, you’ll nevertheless get saddled with more cookies, cache files, and browsing traces as soon as you start using the internet again. The only way to keep your browser continuously in shape is to use a browser cleaner with automatic maintenance like AVG TuneUp.

Is AVG TuneUp compatible with my browser?

AVG TuneUp is compatible with pretty much every modern browser. Our browser cleaner works seamlessly with Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, and practically every other browser out there.

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