Welcome to your App Report lowdown. Here you’ll find a collection of all things App related from how to find out which ones drain your device of battery life, to how to prevent them from impacting the performance and efficiency of your device.

App Report 2015 Q2 - Curb Your App-etite: These Top 10 Apps Stifle Your Phone’s Performance

In our global AVG Android App Report (Q2 2015), we’ve identified the top 10 apps that drain your battery, clog your storage and eat up your mobile data.

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Battery life and proper charging is a science in and of itself, with lots of misinformation out there: This myth buster helps you treat your smartphone’s battery the right way.

App Report 2014 Q2-Q3 - The Secret Life of Apps Revealed

The AVG app report that reveals the top apps that drain phones.

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