MacBook Pro Retina 15”

Test device: The MacBook was purchased in May 2013 and was since used between 8 and 14 hours a day for office work, productivity, gaming, movie watching and graphic design.

Results: More than 14.1 GB of duplicate files were detected on the MacBook, which included mostly duplicate photos and videos. We also found that applications had forgotten to clean up after themselves, leaving behind a total of 613 MB of redundant data.

14.3 GB
of files cleaned

iMac® 27"

Test device: The iMac was purchased in June 2014 and has since been used by a family for web browsing, basic web design, casual gaming and light office work.

Results: Even after just a few weeks of usage, the iMac had collected more than 210 MB of worthless files and 1,200 MB of duplicate data that the family had forgotten about and was finally able to clean up. That’s enough space for a few hundred more photos!

1.3 GB
of files cleaned

We tested AVG Cleaner for Mac on a heavily used MacBook Pro Retina 15” and a new iMac 27”. To check out all our tests, procedures and how we optimized these systems, read our whitepaper here.

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