Written by AVG Signal Team
Published on February 13, 2013

The AVG Community Powered Threat Report is based on the Community Protection Network traffic and data collected from participating AVG users over a three-month period, followed by analysis by AVG. It provides an overview of web, mobile devices, spam risks and threats. All statistics referenced are obtained from the AVG Community Protection Network.

This article contains :

    AVG Community Powered Threat Report for Q2 2012

    In Q2 2012 report we identified scenarios where users are tempted to click on video links promising celebrity sex or where victims were frightened into installing malicious code which purported to be antivirus software that had identified malware on their computer. We also saw how social engineering techniques have been used to evolve an existing threat, giving it an additional lease of life with users who may have been caught in the past and therefore, are more wary today.

    AVG Community Powered Threat Report for Q3 2012 

    The Q3 2012 report investigates a number of malicious software developments including the newly launched 2.0 version of the Blackhole Exploit Toolkit, the evolution in malware targeting mobile banking services, a surge in malicious ads targeting social network users and a trick to hide malware inside image files.

    AVG Community Powered Threat Report for Q4 2012 

    AVG Threat Report Q4 2012 completes the view of last year and makes interesting observations and some predictions for 2013.

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