Welcome to our App Report landing page! This is where we feature data from the latest app report and offer insights into what has changed. We also have links to past reports, so you can go deep into the past to see what apps were draining and slowing phones over the past few years.

We generated our latest report from a sample of randomized and anonymized data collected from more than three million global Android users from January through April, 2016. It reveals which apps consume the most battery life, devour the most storage, and consume the greatest data volume on your Android phone or tablet.

Top 10 Performance Draining Android Apps Run at Startup

Top 10 performance draining android apps - H1 2016

Top 10 Most Popular Android Phones

Top 10 most popular Android phones H1 2016

Top 20 Most Installed Apps on Android Phones

Top 20 most popular apps on android devices H1 2016

Winners & Losers: Top Changes 2014-2016

  • Heavy drainers: Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram continue to top the list of the most resource-hungry apps across all areas: battery life, data traffic, and storage.
  • Lightweights: Several apps have cleaned up their act. Once ranking as top resource drainers, 9Gag, Netflix, Daily Mail, and Tumblr all dropped out of the Top 10 in the past two years.
  • New to the list: Google Maps (2016), AppLock (first part of 2016), and BBM (2015) joined the ranks of most resource hungry apps.
  • The top battery drainers continue to be chat apps (WhatsApp, ChatON) and streaming services (Samsung AllShare).
  • The most storage hungry apps are news readers (e.g., NY Times) and chat apps.
  • The apps that drain your mobile data volume aren’t the ones you’d suspect: No surprise that Netflix and Spotify appeared on this list; but it’s Amazon and the Weather Channel that eat up the 3G/4G allowance!
  • Games like the Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and My Talking Tom/Angela are still very resource hungry on Android – avoid them if you’re nowhere near a power plug!

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