AVG AntiTrack

Wipe your tracks online and stop tracking cookies for stronger privacy

469 kr/year

Covers 1 PC

Stop leaving tracks all over the web

Your browser knows you too well: your online habits, web history, purchases, medical searches, and more. Tracking cookies gather up to 3,000 pieces of your personal info, building up a unique digital profile that advertisers and data miners love to exploit. Our anti-tracking software can put a stop to this and keep your browsing habits private.


of websites track you when you visit them


trackers hidden on some of the biggest sites


bits of personal info some companies have on you


the accuracy of consumer tracking tools

This is what advertisers know about you

Web history, family info, banking data, credit score, medical info, searches and interests, and thousands of other pieces of data. Combined with your PC and browser settings, it adds up to a powerful unique fingerprint, which advertisers use to tell you apart from everyone else, spam you with targeted ads — even hike up the price of things they know you want.

This is what data miners take from you

Everywhere you go online — shopping, to the bank, to your healthcare provider — your data is being extracted, stored and analyzed. Huge amounts of it, just waiting for the next mass data breach, and ripe for anyone with the right know-how — even identity thieves — to exploit it as they see fit.

This is what your family can see about you

Your PC stores loads of information about what you do online on a daily basis. Sure, some of it can be awkward — but all of it is personal, and it can pop up in your browser at the most inconvenient times. Symptoms you’ve researched, things you’ve thought about buying, and more — anyone who sits at your computer may get an eyeful.

Ad blockers and VPNs can’t stop online tracking

An ad blocker can hide ads from your sight, and a VPN is the best way to keep your internet connection private and secure — but online trackers trace you from within your PC. Ad blockers and VPNs cannot stop websites from placing tracker cookies in your browser and taking notes on what you do online. Ad blockers can also wreck the way sites are displayed in your screen, and even render them unusable.

AVG AntiTrack

469 kr/year

Covers 1 PC

Money-Back Guarantee

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System requirements

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista

512 MB RAM; and 100 MB free disk space

Supported browsers:

Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.

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