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We all know that the Internet is a wide-open place to explore, learn, and have fun. We want to help make sure that you can do that safely, securely, and privately. At AVG, we like to believe that everyone has the best of intentions and clearly knows where the lines of right and wrong are drawn in the sand of the Internet. Help us make sure that the web stays a great place to spend your time by not doing things that authorities would view as illegal or inappropriate. So please don’t use our service to send or receive pirated movies or music, send defamatory material, or do something bad like that. We cannot and do not actively monitor for this. However, if we receive a complaint about misuse (for instance, from a copyright owner), we will investigate and take action if the complaint is correct. This is standard procedure for reputable providers of VPN services. Be responsible citizens and just do the right things while using AVG products! If you see anything bad going on, fire off an email to

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Acceptable Use Policy, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team.

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