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A cleaner PC is a better PC — and AVG TuneUp is the ultimate computer cleaner. Get rid of junk, optimize your disk, and get automatic PC maintenance with just a few clicks. Download AVG TuneUp and start enjoying a cleaner computer today.

Get your PC running just like new

Over time, PCs get bogged down with clutter, eating up your valuable storage space and slowing down your computer. Clean up your PC with AVG TuneUp to dramatically improve your performance.

Ready to jumpstart your PC performance? Enjoy a suite of powerful cleaning and optimization features  — including Disk Cleaner, Browser Cleaner, Sleep Mode, and Automatic Maintenance  — in one simple and elegant tool. Download AVG TuneUp today and revitalize your PC.

What can our PC cleaner software do? Let’s talk numbers

Improve PC performance across the board with our powerful Windows optimizer. Lab tests of AVG TuneUp found:

  • 71 GB cleaned up: Easily get rid of all your unnecessary junk files, old folders, and unused programs. Then be amazed at how much free space you’ve opened up.

  • 30% faster work performance: Without unnecessary files cluttering up your disk and browser, you’ll be able to surf, chat, email, and shop much faster.

  • 79% quicker startup: A cleaner PC runs faster, meaning you don’t have to wait around to get started. Faster booting saves you time, every time.

  • * The results from our lab are indicative only. Your results may vary.

Give your machine the ultimate cleanup

Trim the bloat and optimize your computer with our patented, breakthrough technology. Watch your PC turn into a lean, mean, computing machine.

Clean and optimize your Mac and Android, too

It's not just your PC that needs tuning. Clean and optimize all your devices. 

Clean out junk files, duplicates, and bad-quality photos and enjoy tons of extra drive space with AVG TuneUp for Mac.

Get more space, speed, and battery life for your phone or tablet with AVG Cleaner for Android.

Download AVG TuneUp to optimize your PC from top to bottom

Whether you use Windows 10, 8, or 7, AVG TuneUp will dramatically improve your machine. Get Sleep Mode, Automatic Maintenance, Disk Cleaner, Browser Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Disk Doctor, our bloatware removal tool, and tons of additional cleaning and optimization features all in one powerful package. Download AVG TuneUp today to revamp your PC.


How do I clean my Windows PC?

There are ways to clean up and speed up your PC manually — but it can be a long and painful process. And without advanced computer knowledge, you may end up breaking something. Not only that, your cleaning won’t last long, as temporary files, cache, and cookies will continue to build up quickly during normal computer use. That’s why we recommend using an expert tool like AVG TuneUp. Not only will it safely clean and optimize your entire PC, its Automatic Maintenance feature will make sure your PC not only gets back into shape, but that it stays that way.

What are caches and temporary files?

Any time you surf the internet, your browser downloads cache files in the form of website elements like images. The next time you visit that site, your browser then loads those elements right from the cache. That means those elements (and the web pages they’re on) can load faster — but it also means your browser is holding onto tons of unnecessary cache files from all the sites you’ve visited. Your browser also creates temporary files — as do all your apps and even Windows itself — that are required to help your browser work. But after you’re done, those files are usually no longer needed. Unfortunately, apps don’t delete their own leftover files once they’re done. That's where AVG TuneUp steps in.

Will cleaning my PC improve performance?

Absolutely! Cleaning your PC means removing caches and temporary files, getting rid of bloatware and other unnecessary software, repairing your Windows registry, optimizing your disk, and more. That will free up gigabytes of extra space and reduce the strain on your RAM and CPU so your PC functions better. For optimal results, use a dedicated cleaning tool like AVG TuneUp that provides automatic maintenance for lasting improvements.

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