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We’re looking for people like you to help us improve our products, websites, and other projects by simply telling us what you think of them.

Our research studies can be done from the comfort of your own home so long as you are over the age of 18 and have a reliable Internet connection. You’ll be rewarded with an Amazon gift card worth $10 to $100, depending on the length of the study (typically only 5 minutes to 2 hours long).

Before we begin, we need to know a little about you in order to help us create representative samples of participants for our studies. Please take a moment to fill in the following questionnaire as honestly as possible. There are no wrong answers, and none of your answers will disqualify you from participation. If you are chosen to participate in one of our upcoming studies, we’ll contact you a couple of days beforehand to arrange a time slot that best suits your schedule.

Participation in these studies is subject to terms and conditions. We respect your privacy, and your contact information will not be used for any purposes other than to invite you to participate in future studies.

Usability Testing Participant Database Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions (referred to as the “Survey Terms”) set forth the terms of an Agreement by which You, (the “Participant”) and Avast Software, s.r.o., with offices at Enterprise Office Center, Pikrtova 1737/1A, 140 00 Prague 4 (“AVG”) and affiliated parties, may participate from to time in any subsequent AVG online product surveys, and as further defined in section 4 below (“Survey”). In the event You are not at least 18 years of age you may not be a Participant. AVG reserves the right to change these Survey Terms, modify or end the Survey program, at any time without notice.
  2. Participant is responsible for all local sales tax, VAT, levies, bank charges and any other applicable taxes or charges that may apply to any remuneration (defined in section 6 below as “Reward”) that may be received by Participant for his/her participation in a Survey.
  3. These Survey Terms govern the Participant’s option to participate in a Survey and AVG’s corresponding obligation to pay the agreed fee to the Participant for such Survey participation.
  4. Survey refers to the gathering of feedback from the Participant relating to AVG and its competitors’ products and services. The Survey(s) may help to generate ideas concerning the enhancement of the end user experience which may ultimately benefit AVGs wider-customer base. Such Surveys shall be conducted either by means of the telephone or through an online interface.
  5. Available Survey(s), including the relevant Reward amount, shall be announced via email to the Participant. It is the Participant’s decision whether or not to participate in any such Survey.
  6. For each properly completed Survey AVG shall provide the Participant a single compensatory reward (“Reward”). The Reward is the sole and exclusive compensation available to the Participant and therefore the Participant is not entitled to any other remuneration or reimbursement, including for possible expenses, or otherwise in relation to the Survey.
  7. By accepting the Survey Terms, the Participant authorizes AVG to gather and process in accordance with AVG Privacy Policy (, for the period of duration of this Agreement until either of the parties of the Agreement will terminate it, the Participant’s personal data to the following extent: first name, surname, email address, telephone number or other personal data provided by the Participant to AVG for the purposes of carrying out the Survey, the Survey assessment and sending of informative messages by AVG concerning the Survey and the assessment interviews performed by AVG. Such messages will not in any event contain any personally identifiable information. Upon acceptance of the Survey Terms, a confirmation email will be dispatched to the email address of the Participant with relevant information and link to AVG Privacy Policy. The Participant’s provision of his/her personal data is voluntary. The Participant can terminate this Agreement at any time by providing an email notice to containing the request to terminate this Agreement.
  8. By accepting the Survey Terms, the Participant grants consent to AVG, in accordance with AVG Privacy Policy ( to use the Participant’s email address and telephone number for to send informative messages from AVG to the Participant concerning the Survey. The Participant may withdraw consent at any time granted in this Section 9 either by accessing the link contained in the announcement email referred to in Section 5 above or by telephone if contacted by AVG, or by sending an email notice to
  9. By accepting the Survey Terms, the Participant grants unconditional consent to AVG to create image of its likeness, video and/or audio record concerning the Participant, or its expressions of personal nature (all the "Picture"). Such Picture will be used only for internal purposes of AVG. The Participant did not request any fees and remuneration for such Picture and expressly gives up of such fees and remuneration.
  10. Any information provided to the Participant, whether directly or to which access is gained, during or as a result of the Survey shall be kept confidential by the Participant. The Participant shall not engage in the dissemination or publication of any such confidential information as this might subject AVG to damage to AVG or be detrimental to AVG’s goodwill. This duty of confidentiality is perpetually binding upon the Participant. The Participant shall not use the confidential facts and information to their advantage or to the advantage of third parties. If the Participant breaches the confidentiality provisions of this Section 10, the Participant shall pay AVG a contractual penalty of GBP 25,000. The payment of the contractual penalty does not affect AVG’s claim for additional damages.
  11. In the event any documents, instructions, discs or other media, lists, guides, aids, plans, software and other materials, items and recorded information are provided to the Participant in relation to the Survey (“Materials”), the Participant shall return to AVG all such Materials upon Survey completion.
  12. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic. All disputes arising from this Agreement will be resolved by the Czech courts having local jurisdiction and jurisdiction in rem.

If you know of anyone else who would be interested in participating in these studies, feel free to forward them this link: or share it on Facebook or Twitter. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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