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Ransomware attacks are often carried out by organized cyber-criminals who will stop at nothing to extort businesses. When an attack occurs, businesses can find themselves locked out of files or whole servers, bringing business to a halt. In some cases, ransomware can even start deleting files until a ransom is paid. Take advantage of AVG’s free Ransomware Survival Kit to educate your clients on the dangers of ransomware and how you can help them protect their business and save them thousands of dollars in downtime and ransom costs.

AVG’s free all-in-one-kit will help you educate your clients on:
  • The facts about ransomware and why businesses need protection
  • The true cost of ransomware for business
  • How to spot a ransomware attack
  • What happens during a ransomware attack
  • How to prevent ransomware in 5 simple steps

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