Is Your Business Protected From Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks are often carried out by organized cyber-criminals who will stop at nothing to extort businesses. When an attack occurs, businesses can find themselves locked out of files or whole servers. In some cases, ransomware can even start deleting files until a ransom is paid. The most troubling part is the prolonged effect a ransomware attack can have on a business’s ability to recover, from the cost impact of downtime to the untold damage to business reputation. 

Download these infographics and learn how to protect your business.

  • Get the facts on ransomware and why businesses need protection
  • Understand the true cost of ransomware for business
  • Find out how to spot a ransomware attack
  • See what happens during a ransomware attack
  • Learn how to prevent ransomware in 5 simple steps

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AVG Ransomware Infographics
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