Step 1

Download AVG TuneUp with AVG Cleaner™

Download, install, and get ready to clean your device.

Download AVG TuneUp, featuring our all-new AVG Cleaner for iOS®. Simply double-click on the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to install.

After launching TuneUp, you will be greeted by the 1-Click maintenance. We recommend you run it, but you can skip it by closing the window and moving on to the main dashboard.

Once there, click on the All Functions tile.

AVG PC Tuneup UI

Step 2

Connect Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Aborted downloads, app caches, corrupted files and temporary files will slowly accumulate over time and take up space on your device. Luckily, a quick scan from AVG Cleaner™ will find all of that junk data and show you where it’s hiding.

Connect your Apple device to your PC and click on Clean Up iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Then, hit the Scan Now button and have a look at the results.


AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner for iOS cleans up the following leftover files

App Cache and Temporary Files folders which contain data that‘s needed while the app is running. This includes, for example, downloaded map data that you looked at when you were on your last vacation, videos you streamed using a YouTube app, and temporary files that can be created from scratch if the apps really need them.

System Logs that are created and forgotten after an app crashes.

Thumbnail files which are created every time you browse a photo related app. These are used to display the little previews, but the app may forget to delete them when they’re no longer necessary.

AVG Cleaner for iOS UI

Step 3

Hit Clean Up!

While you’re cleaning up your device, AVG Cleaner will show you just how much the free space represents in new photos, videos, songs or apps you can store.

Ready to clean? Then hit the Clean button.

In our tests, we found 7,55 GB on a 1-year-old iPad Air!

AVG Cleaner for iPhone and iPad

Quick & Easy!

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch should now have more free space.

AVG TuneUp - Unlimited

Tune and clean up all your devices


Whatever your device, we’ve got you covered

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