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Shop and bank online with confidence

Stop your data, money, or even identity being stolen by hackers using fake websites. Shop and bank securely too — we make sure every site you visit and every link you click is authentic and safe.

Hacker proof

Protect your important files from hackers

Stop hackers from locking documents, photos, and other important and files, holding them hostage, and forcing you to buy them back. Get ransomware protection with AVG.

Secure your Wi-Fi network for safer browsing

Be sure that your internet connection is safe and secure. We scan any network for weaknesses and vulnerabilities so you can browse with confidence, even on public networks.

Safe connection

The most advanced Mac protection from AVG

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Stay safe from online threats
Block viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other malware in real time.
Browse with confidence
Block unsafe links, downloads, and email attachments.
Easily scan for malware
Catch malware before it causes any problems.
Stay up to date
Get automatic security updates the moment they’re available.
Get powerful ransomware security
Secure sensitive personal files with our ransomware protection.
Shop and bank safely
Avoid fake, malicious, and scam websites for safer online living.
Avoid phishing websites and emails
Get anti-phishing protection

Money-Back Guarantee

Buy without risk! If you're not satisfied in the first 30 days, we'll refund your money.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Buy without risk! If you're not satisfied in the first 30 days, we'll refund your money.

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AVG Internet Security

With AVG Internet Security for Mac you also get:

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Real-time protection

24/7 security to protect your Mac and data against the latest, most dangerous threats.

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Email shield

Email is the most popular way to spread malware — make sure your email accounts are protected.

Online protection

Fast performance

We won’t slow down your Mac, we scan quietly in the background.

How to install

Online protection
First, download the installation wizard using the button at the top of the page.
Online protection
Once it’s installed, double-click the installation wizard to run it.
Online protection
Follow on-screen application instructions.
Online protection
You’re done! Run your first scan and start securing your PC today.
For more detailed instructions, please go to our installation support page.


System requirements

Online protection
Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 (Windows XP can be found here)
Online protection
MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or above
Online protection
Android 8.0 or above
Online protection
iOS 14.0 or above


You may still be wondering...

  • Why does your Mac need antivirus protection?

    Mac security software is essential. Just like any other device, Macs can get malware. And hackers are constantly developing new ways to get around Apple’s built-in security, meaning that your Mac is not as secure as it once was. An unprotected Mac is more vulnerable than ever to malware such as viruses and ransomware.

    In addition, new threats have emerged that can affect you on any device. Fake websites are a common way for scammers to steal and misuse your personal data, and they’re just one of the new security threats facing Mac users.

  • Why choose AVG Internet Security for Mac?

    AVG Internet Security for Mac is the advanced protection you need to ensure your Mac stays safe from all current and future threats. Not only does it come with award-winning antivirus security, but AVG Internet Security for Mac also has extra layers of protection to secure personal files, protect your network, and prevent phishing attacks. Best of all, you can download a free trial today and give it a go risk-free.

  • Can I use AVG Internet Security on multiple devices simultaneously?

    Yes! If you purchase AVG Internet Security (multi-device), you can use your subscription on up to 10 devices simultaneously. A single-device AVG Internet Security subscription cannot be used on more than one device simultaneously.

    Regardless of which subscription option you get, you can easily transfer your subscription from one device to another. This option is especially useful when you get a new device.

  • Can I use AVG Internet Security on multiple platforms?

    Yes! If you purchase AVG Internet Security (multi-device), your subscription is valid on macOS, Windows, and Android. A single-device AVG Internet Security subscription is valid only on macOS.

  • Do I need to uninstall AVG AntiVirus FREE before upgrading to AVG Internet Security?

    No. If AVG AntiVirus FREE is already installed on your Mac, the application will automatically upgrade to AVG Internet Security after your purchase. If automatic upgrade fails, you can manually activate your paid subscription via AVG AntiVirus FREE’s user interface.

  • How do I do a security check on my Mac?

    Doing a Mac security check manually is far from easy. Thankfully, with software like AVG Internet Security, you can automate the malware detection and removal process. We scan for computer viruses and other malware non-stop, and the moment we find anything malicious, we alert you immediately and remove it. AVG Internet Security for Mac is the easiest way to detect and remove viruses from your Mac.

  • How can I transfer my AVG Internet Security subscription to another device?

    Here’s how to transfer your AVG Internet Security subscription to a different device:

    1. Uninstall AVG Internet Security from your old device.
    2. Install AVG Internet Security on your new device.
    3. Activate your paid subscription on your new device.

    AVG Internet Security is now ready to use on your new device.

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AVG Internet Security for Mac

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