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I-Worm/Mydoom.A and B

  • Start the Complete Test for all local hard drives: In Basic Interface select Tests menu -> Start Complete Test In Advanced Interface select Tests menu -> Test manager -> click on Complete Test item -> click on Start Test button
  • In case of virus infection select the button heal/remove.
  • After finishing the Complete test please restart your PC and repeat the AVG Complete test again to check all local hard drives again (to be sure all infected files has been removed).

  • Attention: Users of AVG AntiVirus with updated virus databases may continue to receive false warning messages indicating that the I-Worm/Mydoom virus was sent from their email address. This is because the I-Worm/Mydoom virus changes the address of the sender of the infected email. This makes it very difficult to identify the actual sender of the virus, and therefore to notify the sender that his computer is infected. This may result in the virus displaying a different email address from that of the actual sender of the infected email. When such an email is detected by the antivirus system on the computer which receives the infected e-mail, a warning message is often sent concerning the infection to the address that is indicated as the sender of the infected message - even when the email was NOT sent from this address.

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