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Random Password Generator

Help secure your online accounts by auto-generating strong, random passwords.

How to create a strong password

Increase the length

Boost your password’s effectiveness by making it longer. Your strong password should be a minimum of 10 characters.

Make it complicated

Craft stronger passwords by blending symbols, letter casing, and numbers but avoid names or everyday words.

Ensure it’s one-of-a-kind

Make sure you create a strong, bespoke password for every online account to help defend each one from unauthorized access.

Your password generator FAQs answered

If you have a question about our random password generator, help is on-hand below!

Is it safe to use the AVG Password Generator?

Yes. Our Random Password Generator at AVG scrambles data to craft a unique password made up of letters, symbols, and numbers. Rest assured, your private, personal password remains completely confidential, hidden from our view the whole time, too.

How does a password generator benefit me?

A password generator like ours benefits you by enhancing your online security. Some computer algorithms can guess common passwords in seconds, and sophisticated hackers could have easy access to this technology. However, our tool helps offer extra protection. How does it do this? It generates unique, secure passwords by utilizing randomized data, helping you outsmart cybercriminals, and the password cracking tools at their disposal.

The end result for you is that you avoid the risk of creating easily guessable passwords, which can help boost the security of the online accounts and services you use. To add, we don’t store any data you share with us via our password generator. Instead, we actually use your device’s localized mathematical functions to generate a strong, random password for you.

Why would I need a bespoke password for every online account?

Keeping a unique, strong password for each online account you have helps enhance your online security. Why is this the case? If one of your passwords falls into the wrong hands due to a data breach that impacts one of your online accounts, having identical passwords for more than one website login could spell out very bad news indeed. Creating individual passwords for each online account can seem like a lot of effort. But our password generator helps make this easier by creating distinct, secure passwords for you automatically. Better still, it does so without storing any of your password data on our website.

What are the top 10 weakest passwords?

From the use of the word “password” and more, here’s our top-ten list of the worst offenders.

  • Qwerty
  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • Letmein
  • 1234567
  • Football
  • iloveyou
  • Password
  • 12345678
  • 12345
  • Predictable strings of numbers, words, or familiar phrases make for poor password choices, especially when cybercriminals may have access to algorithms using billions of calculations per second to crack your passwords. But this also links to a wider issue in that the human mind is surprisingly bad at creating unique passwords that can fool machines, which can crunch and organize data significantly faster.

    To help protect yourself, use our password generator to create more secure, one-of-a-kind passwords. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, too, so you can generate more passwords in the future.

    What’s the ultimate password generator?

    An ideal password generator should be able to produce enough randomness and unpredictability in data to help give you a truly secure and unique password. Rest assured that this is what we’ve managed to achieve with our AVG tool for this purpose. Plus, we let your computer take center stage as the password generator itself and don’t retain any information about the passwords you’ve created on our site.

    Our organization is known for its commitment to your online safety and security. It’s a focus that helps set us apart when it comes to supporting your online cybersecurity, even when auto-generating passwords.

    What do you need to create a strong password?

    If you want an effective password, you should make random passwords using mathematical entropy. Long story short, you want a password that has a high degree of irregularity that avoids predictable patterns as much as possible. A password composed of a highly randomized collection of characters is not only harder for a human to guess — it’s also harder for the computer algorithms that a cybercriminal might use to try and crack one of your passwords. Try out our free password generator today powered by mathematical entropy to help keep yourself more secure online.

    How do I make my password random?

    To make your password random and strong, follow these guidelines:

    1. Use a high degree of irregularity: By this, we mean avoid predictable patterns of numbers or words. The best way to do this is with an automatic password generator like ours.

    2. Accept the limitations of your own input: Since you’re here, that would suggest you’re smart, but you’re probably not smart enough to create a truly strong password yourself. You need the data scrambling power of a password generator. Human influence alone is not quite enough.

    3. Embrace randomized data: Simply put, you need computing power behind you if you want to help create truly unique, pattern-detection-resistant passwords. Tools like ours that can auto-generate passwords out of scrambled data are ideal for this, and the good news is that you normally only need a personal computer and an internet connection to use one.

    4. Use a password generator tool: Based on what we’ve already said, it should come as no surprise to you that a tool like ours is by far the best way to create random passwords.

    Can somebody hack a password generator?

    Yes. It is possible for someone to hack a password generator, especially if it’s not well-secured. Cybercriminals may be able to use decryption methods on a vulnerable password creation site to gain access to your personal information. To help protect yourself, always use an online tool from a respected, familiar brand like AVG. Our password generation tool uses forward-thinking security algorithms and gets regular updates so we can keep on top of emerging hacking methods.

    We provide you with a simple, free online space where you can create truly unique passwords. These passwords can provide added security for the online accounts you regularly log in to. To add, we use your personal computer to generate these passwords on our site without sharing info about these passwords over the internet or storing it away. For you, this greatly reduces your risk of falling victim to a data breach if you use a random password generator like ours in particular.

    Is it possible to store passwords securely?

    Yes, you can. There are some secure storage options out there, which is handy considering that remembering multiple passwords at once can prove challenging. It’s possible to lock a list of your passwords away inside a biometric USB device requiring your fingerprint, but this can’t stop somebody from forcing you to unlock it for their benefit by placing you in a difficult situation.

    Perhaps the best thing we can recommend is to use a reputable password manager to encrypt and secure your passwords in one place. You’ll simultaneously take the burden off yourself to memorize each one while helping to protect your sensitive data. It’s also good practice to avoid sharing your passwords with others and to steer clear of suspicious websites.

    How do you make a password safe?

    Strong passwords should be at least 16 characters long and made up of a mix of symbols, numbers, and lowercase letters plus uppercase. There are other things you can do too. For example, don’t save passwords inside your preferred web browser in case you’re ever unlucky enough to get your computer hacked. That said, these handy ideas shouldn’t distract you from the fact that it’s essential to create passwords that are lengthy, unique, and individual to each online account they apply to.

    Our AVG password generator makes this easier. It helps you create secure, bespoke passwords by borrowing some of your device’s computational power to do so. Better still, we don’t share or keep any info about the passwords you’ve created on our site to help ensure your added online cybersecurity.