Responsible Disclosure Policy

Please contact us if you have found a security vulnerability.

It is our mission to keep our users safe online by providing secure products to protect them and maintain their privacy. We constantly monitor and test our systems but are aware that as a global software company, we will always be a popular target for cybercriminals. We run a responsible disclosure program that offers a reward for anyone finding and reporting to us a vulnerability in our products, website, or system. We take all reports regarding a security issue seriously and will work with you to thoroughly analyze your findings.

If you find any indications of a vulnerability in any of our systems, we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible and not to disclose externally until you have done so. This is to ensure that we protect our users by preventing a malicious actor from taking advantage of the situation.

To report a technical security issue, please complete the security vulnerability submission here. Please only utilize this form for technical security issues related to AVG and any of its associated brands’ online presence or product-based security.

Submissions are evaluated based on their severity in the context of our technical environment. Please beware that not all submissions may be eligible for a reward/ bounty.

If you are looking to report any other type of issue, please use the support links below for assistance.

Important Notice:

If you suspect you have been the target of a malicious entity or someone mis- representing themselves as AVG or are in any way in need of assistance with anything related to the security of your own information or online safety, please use the support link listed below

For AVG product or service issues, please visit our AVG support page.

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