If you're looking for downloadable corporate logos, product box shots, screenshots, or management photos to use on third-party websites, you're in the right place.

Logos and Images

Management Team

Gary Kovacs, CEO (high-res quality)

John Little, CFO (high-res quality)

Harvey Anderson, Chief Legal Officer (high-res quality)

David Ferguson, Senior VP and General Manager, Revenue & Business Operations (high-res quality)

Jeff Brown, VP for Corporate Development (high-res quality)

Andrew Reid, Senior VP and General Manager, Products (high-res quality)

Todd Simpson, Chief Strategy Officer (low-res quality)

Steven Scheers, Chief People Officer (high-res quality)

Fred Gerritse, General Manager, AVG Business (low-res quality)

Paul Hendriks, Chief Information Officer (low-res quality)

Peter Turner, General Manager, Consumer (high-res quality)

Jason Finkelstein, Chief Marketing Officer (high-res quality)


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