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Norman Safeground is now part of AVG Technologies, and we're discontinuing all Norman Home & Home Office Products. But don't worry: this simply means we've got something better to offer you — advanced AVG protection.

You can upgrade to AVG Internet Security now from within your current Norman product, or wait for us to do it for you during the month of July. Excited? You should be. Your new protection includes coverage for all your devices, safer shopping & banking features, and much more.

Looking for the right PC security?

AVG Internet Security won't let you down. Its real-time protection keeps your PC safer from the latest virus & malware attacks. But that's not all: one subscription covers all your devices and includes protection for your Mac and Android phones & tablets too!

See all of AVG Internet Security's features.

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We're always ready to provide assistance, whenever you need it. Get in touch with us today!

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