5 Ways to Fix PC Problems & Improve Performance

Suffering from file errors, missing files, blue screens, or other common PC problems? Don't waste your money on expensive PC repair shops. Try AVG TuneUp!

The new AVG TuneUp fixes incorrect PC settings, vulnerabilities, stability issues, and other performance bottlenecks. Here are 5 ways AVG TuneUp can help you:

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 STEP 1 

Run 1-Click Maintenance


First things first: check your PC's overall health. Once you've installed AVG TuneUp and launched the "AVG PC TuneUp" product, you'll be greeted by our 1-Click Maintenance screen, where you can quickly run some of the most essential tune-ups like cleaning up leftover files and browser traces and fixing registry errors.


 STEP 2 

Check drivers, security settings, and Windows® for errors

Fix Problems

AVG TuneUp runs approximately 200 checks on drivers, Windows settings, security, privacy, hard drive space, and Windows Update, then automatically displays the results within the Fix Problems wizard. Solutions are just a click away. You'll find the wizard under Fix Problems and Fix common problems.


 STEP 3 

Run our Repair Wizard

The Repair Wizard (seen above) fixes some of the most annoying Windows problems. It's capable of restoring the most important dynamic-link libraries (DLL) in Windows so that problems with Windows Updater or incorrectly installed programs can be fixed within seconds. If desktop icons display incorrectly, AVG TuneUp edits the Windows registry for you and makes sure they display properly.


 STEP 4 

Restore lost or damaged files

UI with AVG Undelete

Oops! Have you accidentally deleted precious files such as your favorite pictures, the report you've been working on for months, or some critical business documents? Don't spend big bucks on professional recovery services. Just use our Undelete feature, included in AVG TuneUp.

Undelete helps you restore accidentally or mysteriously deleted files and folders, including those that were deleted from the Recycle Bin and even previously deleted images from your digital camera's memory card!


 STEP 5 

Check your disk for errors

Scanning Drivers UI

Hardware defects, power outages, and other problems could lead to file system errors which, in turn, lead to reliability issues and problems accessing files. Disk Doctor, part of AVG TuneUp, solves this problem by thoroughly checking the following file system areas:

Disk sectors: All sectors containing data are checked and corrected if any errors are found.

File and folder structure: Both file and folder content and structure are checked.

Indexes: Corrupt file or folder pointers are checked and relinked if necessary.

Security descriptors: Damaged NTFS security descriptors, which may allow unauthorized access or even prevent access to files and folders, are checked and corrected.

Prevent data loss and reliability issues today! Use AVG Disk Doctor to scan your hard disk for potential file system errors and fix them instantly. Try it out now:

Trusted by experts. Loved by users.

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B. Steverink

I just bought a new laptop a few days ago and as you can guess it was preloaded with a lot of crap [...] The first thing I did was install my favorite killer combo: AVG Internet Security and AVG PC TuneUp. I could almost immediately notice a difference in speed and stability! After doing all the necessary tweaks it runs at top speed.

Anthony Drury

PC TuneUp is great! It does everything - makes the computer so fast and the best cleaner out there. Well done, AVG.

Gerardo Tosca

Since I installed PC TuneUp, my games run more quickly.

Rolf Schmidtke

I'd like to tell you what a top-notch product this is and that it just works. Your business is absolutely reliable. Thank you!

Luther Stewart JR.

AVG PC Tune Up is the only way to go. Keeping my computer up and running smoothly is what it's all about.

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