Identity Protection is now part of AVG Anti-Virus 2016

AVG Anti-Virus

AVG Anti-Virus 2016

Essential protection for everything you do

Added benefits:

  • Block viruses, worms and trojan horses
  • Free technical assistance whenever you need it
  • Keeps you safe from dangerous email attachments
  • Identify malicious websites before you visit them
  • Download and exchange files risk free

Award winning protection

Award winning protection

Over 202 million people trust AVG

Since I installed AVG Anti-Virus, it's as if my PC has grown wings because it uses hardly any resources – a great change from the antivirus product I had before! AVG updates itself automatically each time I switch on my computer and it's reassuring to know that it takes care of everything. I've got important patient files on my PC and I need to know they're absolutely safe. So far, AVG has blocked all the viruses that tried to infect my data. François Jullian, Doctor