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App Uninstaller: For an even cleaner phone

Free up even more space and help your phone run even smoother with this smart new feature. App Uninstaller displays all your installed apps by time of last use, app size, battery usage, or data usage, letting you quickly decide which to remove. Or you can set App Uninstaller to regularly notify you about any apps you aren’t using. It's the easiest way to free up space for all the apps, music, and photos you really want.

Enhanced with Zen

Keep tabs on your
other devices, too

AVG Cleaner can now connect to our free AVG Zen app to help you keep tabs on all your PCs, Android phones, and tablets — wherever you are.

Just log in to the secure Zen Network from AVG Cleaner for an all-in-one overview of each device’s protection, performance, and privacy status.

If any of your connected devices need your attention, you’ll know about it. It’s that easy!

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Easily remove unused & unwanted apps

  • View and receive alerts about rarely used apps by time of last use
  • View and remove apps by size
  • View and remove apps by battery consumption
  • View and remove apps by mobile data usage

You get: App Uninstaller

Free up space

AVG Cleaner lets you quickly clean up your browser history, as well as identifies and removes unwanted cached memory.

  • Delete your browser, clipboard, or download history to free up vital memory on your phone
  • Identify and clean up any unnecessary cached memory, which may affect device performance

Make room for new apps by deleting the ones you don’t use or want any more on your SD card

Monitor memory and storage

Find out how much of your phone’s memory and storage is being used up by cached memory, which may be slowing down your device or eating up valuable storage space on your SD card.

  • See amount of outgoing/incoming calls and text messages
  • View amount of memory stored per category, such as browser, clipboard and downloads.
  • Review a list of cached memory per app.

Customize your preferences

Remove the hassle by scheduling regular clean ups to keep your device running smoothly.

  • Optimize your phone with customizable controls.
  • Set the time for deleting unwanted cached processes.

Fast set up and user friendly features

  • With quick and easy installation you can jump right in and start cleaning up your phone in a few simple clicks.

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