AVG Support tools and diagnostic utilities

Here you can find AVG tools or diagnostic utilities used to solve issues with the AVG program or to gather more specific information for technical support. They can be downloaded by clicking the respective tab and name of requested tool.

Please note that usage of these tools without approval or recommendation of AVG technical support is at your own risk. AVG Technologies shall not bear any responsibility in case of an unapproved usage of these tools.

AVG SysInfo
AVG SysInfo is a tool for collecting diagnostic information about AVG, AVG PC Tuneup and the operating system. The tool is used for analysis of AVG configuration and for troubleshooting of errors, as well as for manual virus removal.

AVG Diagnostics (Self-extracting archive)
AVG Diagnostics file (runner.avgdx) packed in self-extracting archive. It can be used to gather detailed information about the AVG program. Gathered information can be directly sent to technical support by using this tool.

Used when AVG program is correctly installed but Windows Security Center reports that there is no anti-virus present.

If you use Microsoft Outlook program and you experience an error message that registration of AVG plugin failed, the tool provided should rectify the situation.

AVG Downgrader
By using this tool it is possible to downgrade AVG to AVG Free. This tool should be used if AVG Trial version expires and customer is not interested in buying the paid version.

AVG Debugging
This tool enables or disables debug logging and send AVG Diagnostic information to AVG.

AVG Family Safety iTunes mod
The AVG Family Safety iTunes mod automatically fixes issues with iTunes when used together with Family Safety.

TuneUp Diag
TuneUp Diag collects diagnostic information about AVG PC TuneUp or TuneUp Utilities.

AVG PC TuneUp and TuneUp Utilities Remover
AVG PC TuneUp Remover automatically and completely removes AVG PC TuneUp and TuneUp Utilities, and all it's components.

Avg Remover
If a classic uninstallation of AVG program fails, this tool can remove all AVG related folders, files, registry entries and services from the system.

If the installation fails with the "Cannot start service ..." error, this tool gathers detailed information about the installation process. These information are used for thorough analysis on AVG Technical Support.

When the AVG installation fails with the "Permission denied..." error, this tool fixes permissions to access many of needed registry keys when AVG is being installed. After execution of this tool, installation of AVG should be possible.

AVG Firewall diagnostic utility serves to gather detailed information about AVG Firewall and blocked communication. Information can then be sent for analysis to AVG Technical Support.

As the Get_Fwndis utility, this tool gathers important information about the system settings but even if the AVG program is not installed. These information can be then sent for analysis to AVG Technical Support.

If you are using AVG 2013 on Windows XP, the AVG Firewall may stop working after recent program update. The firewall then shows status Stopped. When you click on Firewall, it reports the following status:
Firewall cannot start, because an error has occured in communication with a driver. Please contact AVG Technical Support.

A set of diagnostic tools used when AVG update does not work correctly.

Used in case of problems with AVG update, this tool "flushes" DNS Resolver cache. After the "flush" it is possible that the update will work again.

This tool check the state of a network connection.

AVG AutoExec
Used mostly in case of virus infection, this tool gathers information about currently running processes thus uncovering possible suspicious files.

This tool is only for AVG 2013. GenCTF2013 tool can be used to generate new control files (CTF files) for downloaded update .bin files. When you run the GenCTF2013 tool over the folder where update .bin files are located, new control files will be created in this folder. Then it is possible to update AVG.