A Risk at Worst. An Annoyance at Best.

Many of the programs you use & love every day are likely out of date, leaving you with:

  • Vulnerabilities: Old software leaves the door wide open for malware.
  • No optimization: Ancient programs often don't support Windows 10 or newer hardware, leading to freezing & crashing.
  • A lack of new features: As programs evolve, they get new feature updates you're missing out on.
  • A stale look & feel: Aged programs come with outdated interfaces that don't work with modern screens.

Get Automatic Software Updates

Your 3-Step-Program to update popular & essential software up to date in no time:

Fix problems UI

Download AVG TuneUp and click on Fix Problems.

Update UI

Go through the list of software updates and hit the Update button.

Automatic Updates UI

Done? Flip the Automatic Update switch if you want to get the recent software updates silently and hassle-free.

AVG TuneUp - Unlimited

Tune and clean up all your devices


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Money-Back Guarantee

Buy without risk! If you're not satisfied in the first 30 days, we'll refund your money. Learn more

AVG TuneUp is a new and improved version of TuneUp Utilities.

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