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Everything you love about TuneUp Utilities® plus so much more:

  • NEW tuning dashboard
  • NEW Software Uninstaller
  • NEW History Manager
  • IMPROVED Disk & Browser Cleaning
  • ROUTINELY updated & fully supported
AVG PC TuneUp application interface

See how much more you get 

Have TuneUp Utilities, or trying to get it? Then you’re in the right place: because on top of updating the name, we’ve completely re-engineered the TuneUp you know and love, and packed in all-new features.

TuneUp Utilities 2014

  • Manintenance Cleans up and speeds up your PC
  • Speed up Speeds up your PC using Sleep Mode.
  • Disk & Browser Cleanup Cleans up more than 100 applications and browsers
  • Support status: End of life TuneUp Utilities no longer receives bugfixes or critical updates


  • Automatic MaintenanceImproved Cleans and speeds up PCs, as well as deleting treacherous tracking cookies once per week.
  • Speedup technologyImproved A drastically improved Sleep Mode to boost performance even further
  • Disk & Browser CleanupImproved Cleans up 200+ apps and now supports the latest browsers and programs.
  • Continuous updates We’ll give you all the essential updates and security patches.
  • History ManagerNew Gives you a complete log of your past optimizations
  • Full Windows 10 supportNew Full support for Windows 10 and all future versions
  • Tuning dashboardNew A brand-new UI that makes tuning up easier
  • Software UninstallerNew Gets rid of bloatware and adware bogging down your PC.
  • Unlimited InstallsNew Install AVG TuneUp on every PC in your household.
  • Automatic Software UpdaterNew Updates the most critical programs on your PC to plug security holes and fix bugs.

NZ$ 54.99

Tried & tested for guaranteed performance



quicker startup*





803 points
1211 points


68 GB

cleaned up*

free space
free space

*Our lab tests were performed on various machines, ranging from recent ultrabooks to desktop PCs, using industry-standard tools.

**Performance was evaluated using PCMark Vantage. The results are measured in “points”. The higher the number, the faster the computer.

NZ$ 54.99

Trusted by experts. Loved by users.

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B. Steverink

I just bought a new laptop a few days ago and as you can guess it was preloaded with a lot of crap [...] The first thing I did was install my favorite killer combo: AVG Internet Security and AVG PC TuneUp. I could almost immediately notice a difference in speed and stability! After doing all the necessary tweaks it runs at top speed.

Anthony Drury

PC TuneUp is great! It does everything - makes the computer so fast and the best cleaner out there. Well done, AVG.

Gerardo Tosca

Since I installed PC TuneUp, my games run more quickly.

Rolf Schmidtke

I'd like to tell you what a top-notch product this is and that it just works. Your business is absolutely reliable. Thank you!

Luther Stewart JR.

AVG PC Tune Up is the only way to go. Keeping my computer up and running smoothly is what it's all about.

AVG TuneUp Performance product icon

AVG TuneUp

Get a faster, cleaner, longer-lasting PC

NZ$ 54.99

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