Keep tabs on all your devices
All in one place.

All your devices

All your PCs, Android™ and Mac®. And your family’s too.

All in one place

One simple overview of your devices

All from AVG

Protection, Performance, & Privacy. The choice is yours.

Always with you

Quick remote access if something needs attention

Keep everything running smoothly

All in one place

AVG Zen can look after you as well as your entire family. See your devices all in one place to easily keep tabs on the Protection, Performance, and Privacy status of each one. With AVG Zen the days of checking up on each device one by one are over.

Away from your PC?

Stay on top of things by knowing
if something needs your attention

You can always check in with AVG Zen on your
mobile. And if something needs your
attention, on any of your devices,
you’ll know it.

Get AVG Zen now

One device or many.
None of the hassle.

Whether you’ve got a single PC or a scattered collection of PC,
Androids or Mac devices, AVG Zen helps keep things simple.

  • One simple overview of your PC, Android
    and Mac devices

  • All your Protection, Performance, & Privacy
    in one place

  • Keep tabs on any of your devices
    from your PC or Android

Get AVG Zen for FREE

AVG Zen is built into AVG Protection and Performance.
One gives you the best antivirus protection for all your devices,
and the other tunes them all up to keep everything running smoothly.
Just choose which one you want, and you’ll get AVG Zen included for FREE.

AVG Protection

Get AVG Zen with our award-winning antivirus for all your devices. Learn more

AVG Performance

Get AVG Zen with our best performance features for all your devices. Learn more

AVG Zen for Android™

Already got AVG Protection or Performance? Get our free mobile app to keep tabs on all your devices remotely.

Whatever your device, we've got you covered.