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Prestigious companies worldwide and institutes in many fields rely on AVG's security products, and many companies depend on AVG as a strong partner in the field of data security and privacy.

United States

AARP Tax-Aide logo

AARP Tax-Aide Foundation

Oversees a variety of programs for older people and those in need.
"I get a lot of infected e-mail, but this software has caught it all. No viruses have gotten through since I’ve been using AVG AntiVirus. I really like it."
David Inman, Member of the Tax-Aide National Technology Committee

BigThought logo

Big Thought, A Learning Partnership

A learning partnership with the mission of inspiring, empowering, and uniting children through education and the arts. "All of our communications with contractors, artists, and sponsors — not to mention with program participants — are vital to our success. It’s essential that they be virus-free."
Karim Virani, Director of IT

Praise logo

Immanuel Broadcasting Network

IBN is a network of radio stations located in northwest Georgia, northeast Alabama, and southeast Tennessee. "In today’s environment, you need to be sure that your systems won’t catch a virus from a trusted source." 
Billy Williams, Systems Administrator
Overton's logo

Overton's, Inc.

The World’s Largest Water Sports Company.
"I would definitely recommend this product to any other IT Manager looking for great virus protection at a fraction of the cost. I was just amazed.The price for the corporate AVG product was 75% LESS than all of the other bids we received and included features that we normally paid extra for."

Owen Stevens, IT Manager

"I can't tell you how many of my friends have replaced their Antivirus programs with AVG and never been happier just like me!"
Dale W. Horn

Czech Republic

Logo Ceska podnikatelska pojistovna

Ceska podnikatelska pojistovna

CPP is a Czech insurance company founded in 1995.

Logo Ceska televize


Czech state television is independent TV and has function and duty of public service.

Logo FIT

Fakulta informacnich technologii VUT v Brne

Faculty of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology. Study programmes respect the principles of the Bologna Declaration for the development of tertiary education in Europe.

Logo FN Motol


One of the biggest hospitals in the Czech Republic and Europe. The hospital offers everything from basic to highly specialized healthcare. 

Logo Lekarska fakulta Univerzita Karlova

Lekarska fakulta Univerzita Karlova

Medical faculty of Charles University of Prague. This is the oldest university in the Czech Republic, founded 1348.

Logo Pilsner Urquell

Plzensky prazdroj, a.s.

Plzensky Prazdroj is a leading European brewing company, a symbol of Czech brewing, and a successful part of the SABMiller global group. It conducts its business on the principles of a responsible beer producer and wider social responsibility. Their best-known beers are Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, and Radegast.

Logo Technicka univerzita Liberec

Technicka univerzita Liberec

The history of the Technical University of Liberec goes back to 1953 when the Technical College of Mechanical Engineering was established. The foundation of the university was a logical result of the long-term economic and cultural development of the region where textile and textile machinery products had been traditional.

Logo Volksbank

Volksbank CZ, a.s.

Universal commercial bank with a wide portfolio of products and services.


Logo Hillcrest Christian College

Hillcrest Christian College

Hillcrest Christian College is a non-denominational Christian College operating from Prep to VCE. "We now have 350 licenses for AVG, and we are very happy with it – particularly the ease with which we were able to distribute it to all our networked computers."
Jeff Smith, IT Manager

Logo Silvan Australia

Silvan Australia Pty. Ltd.

Silvan was established in 1962 and has since been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of agricultural machinery to meet the needs of primary producers. "We are exceptionally happy with AVG; the features and low cost surpass anything we have seen so far."
Paul Goucher, IT Manager

Logo Wyndham Telecentre

Wyndham Telecentre

A part of a network of 114 centers that provide technology to small communities throughout the state of Western Australia. "As soon as I tried it, I was impressed with the customer services and thought AVG AntiVirus is exactly what we need on our computers at work."
Natika Hawes-Wright, Coordinator of the Wyndham Telecentre

Banora Computer Sales & Services

"Their team are always available to call when we need backup support or support when we are repairing a client and friends computer. Keep up the great work and passion for the product."
Philip Hung

Rathouse Computing Services

"AVG is simpler to use than other programs and I've found that AVG often picks up viruses etc left behind by previously installed security software."
Andrew Dunreath-Cooper


"The new AVG 7.5 has performed fantastically against all manner of malicious attempts to fry my OS. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of connecting their computer to the internet. It's easy to use and a breeze to order. And with the Anti-spyware and AntiVirus rolled into one it's quicker running scans and updates."
Russell Luck, Owner

"I particularly like the email scanner. Automatically all incoming and outgoing emails and their attachments are scanned, with a small window showing precisely what is happening. For example, with download I get a threefold unobtrusive real time report in a small window thus: download percentage progress, scanning process, and transfer to my email program process. For unobtrusiveness yet informativeness, it is superb. I think your program is brilliant, easy to understand, and it automatically updates at 9 a.m. daily. Your pricing is extremely reasonable, and I have no intention of going elsewhere, and I will be renewing at the beginning of January 2007."
Allan Lane, Perth, Western Australia

"I am a very satisfied AVG Professional user. AVG Pro saves me about 5 or 6 times a day, by eliminating viruses, Trojans, worms and down-loaders. In my experience the competitor‘s products all let some problems slip through. Then they multiply and before you know it you have a dead machine – or worse – with possible identity theft and possible financial loss through cleaned out bank accounts or credit card accounts being among the more severe of the consequences."
Allan Baker, Australia

"Thank you for such a great product. Finally I have a virus checker that's fantastic. My family will change and when I finish with my mates they too will be using your product."
Chris Phantom, Australia

"The trial version installed and worked very well. In fact it found and dealt with ten, yes ten!, viruses that were infecting my computer and which my previous virus protection (Hah! that should be "no protection") software had completely missed. Thanks for the great service. I'm impressed."
Bill Dixon, Australia

"With AVG, I have finally reached the pinnacle of my search for the "program for the total protection and ease of use" for protecting my computer and keeping out all the unwanted nasties on the internet. At the end of my trial I will be purchasing AVG, such is my total faith in this product, its ease of use and support services, not to mention the quality, timely and super quick signature updates… I‘m definitely sold!!"
David Venn

"AVG is much more than anti virus software. It is an integral system fitting seamlessly into the operation and performance of computer management."
DRoger Jeakings, New Zealand


Logo Assim

ASSIM - Grupo Hospitalar do Rio de Janeiro

Assim is a Health Insurance company with more than 30 hospitals in the Rio de Janeiro area.
"We had a lot of virus problems in our computers. We tested some well known brands of AntiVirus and decided for AVG. We started with a 2 year license and we already renewed the licenses for 2 more years. We are very happy with the product performance. One of the main points for choosing AVG was its remote administration module AVGADMIN. With AVGADMIN I am able to manage all my computers, including the ones outside our premises, and schedule updates for the most convenient hours. As a result we had a considerable reduction in the number of calls to our support team."
Raphael Correia de Sá, Support Analyst

Domo Domo Soluções

Domo Soluções

"Although we have partnerships with other manufacturers of security solutions, Winco has a differential in the assistance and the constant search for a better relationship with their channels."
Clarissa S. Chagas

Fidelize logo

Fidelize TI

Fidelize is a TI company that provides services in the area of customers relationship. "When we were looking for an AntiVirus solution, we made a research with the main products in the market and straight away decided for AVG. Besides being the most cost effective solution, we could verify a high level of satisfaction among AVG users, both in big and small companies."
José Lage, Director

Logo Strattus software

Strattus Software

"We sell AVG products because the relationship with the distributor is really good, we have good commercial conditions and excellent technical support. Besides our customers are satisfied with AVG solutions which always fulfills their expectations."
Leandro Barros, Commercial and Marketing Director

Winco logo


"We have been very satisfied with our relationship with Grisoft over the years. In addition to being able to call on an excellent range of security solutions to offer to our clients, we receive all the necessary support, including for the specific needs of the Brazilian market."
Mariano Sumrell Miranda, Marketing Director


Afpa Tarbes logo

AFPA Tarbes

Adult professional training centre, Tarbes. "My first reason for choosing AVG was obviously protection, but price was also important. For the two years I've now been using AVG in our AFPA offices in Tarbes, we've had no virus attacks. With a good access control policy, AVG is way ahead of the competition. Easy to use, quick to deploy, low resource utilization, effective and multi-platform (Windows or Linux) - AVG has it all!"
Clovis Vassiliu, IT Manager, AFPA, Tarbes

Dekra Veritas logo

Dekra Veritas France

DEKRA Veritas is the French leader in car roadworthiness inspections (contrôle technique) The Dekra network today has more than 1,500 centers evenly spread around France. "We are highly satisfied and very pleased to have chosen AVG. Simple to install, easy to use, compatible with our equipment and offering effective protection – AVG has met all our needs and more at a very reasonable price. AVG is a highly versatile and customizable product that we have been able to adapt to the complexities of the IT equipment in our 1500 centers."
Kader Laribi, Technical Manager Dekra Veritas France

Creil City Hall logo

Creil City Hall

The Creil City Hall (network of 500 computers) is handling more than 30,000 citizens. "We quickly realized how effective the AVG engine was when it detected and deleted a virus that had been lying dormant in our IT system for several months. We were wone over not simply by the technical aspects of the AVG product, but also byt the quality of the contact we had with Square employees who are dynamic, respond quickly, listen to what we have to say and take our comments seriously when updating and developing solution. What's more, the prices are highly attractive for local government departments like ours."
Gilles Guilhem, IT Manager, Creil City Hall

"I know next to nothing about computers but I managed to install AVG by myself - it's really very simple. As I wanted to be sure I'd done everything right, I contacted the AVG Helpline. They were ready to listen and most charming and confirmed that the product was correctly installed. I now feel totally protected adn know that if I need anything I can rely on the to help."
Roland Delvaux, Pensioner

"Since I installed AVG AntiVirus, it's as if my PC has grown wings because it uses hardly any resources - a great change from the antivirus product I had before! AVG updates itself automatically each time I switch on my computer and it's reassuring to know that it takes care of everything. I've got important patient files on my PC and I need to know they're absolutely safe. So far, AVG has blocked all the viruses that tried to infect my data."
François Jullian, Doctor


CPCDI logo


CPCDI sells only to dealers and carriers several different brands. In 2005, its turnover reached 260 million Euros. It has business facilities, a warehouse and technical departments in Porto (its headquarters) and Lisbon. 

Somelos Group logo


Founded in 1958, Somelos is mainly a textile group, located within the northern region of Portugal, an area with a long tradition in textiles, and acknowledged as being the center of textile research and technology. The group's main activities are the production of cotton and blended yarns, woven shirting and sportswear, with dyeing and finishing all done in house. The company is export oriented, and supplies products to every continent, with the European Union being the largest market, and Italy the most important individual destination.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation logo


A private Portuguese public service institution focused on the areas of art, charity, science, and education. Created as part of the will left by Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, its by-laws were approved by the Portuguese government on July 18, 1956.

Medical Board logo

Medical Board

Northern Regioanl Section. In November 1898, a small group of Lisbon physicians with „confident and stubborn courage“ decided to found a trade association for Portuguese physicians designed to protect its members from „province and capital.“ The Lisbon-based Portuguese Medical Association became known as Associação dos Médicos Portugueses, the first of its kind.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation logo

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) is a private research institute dedicated to biomedical research and education. The IGC operates as a "host institution", offering excellent facilities and services to foreign and Portuguese research groups or individual scientists. "After the first two years of using AVG network edition we are very satisfied with our choice. The number of virus incidents in the last two years has been negligible – a very good performance considering the challenge – and the centralized monitoring and the management of workstation anti virus configurations as well as the ease of deployment saved us countless hours in support and maintenance."
João Tiago Sousa


The City council of Barcelona

"We are very pleased that the City council has selected this solution which combines the very latest anti-spyware and antivirus technology with a simple and easy to use interface. In addition, our company provides 24x7 support for workers and citizens to guarantee continuous security protection against the growing number of computer and cyber threats."
Ignasi Camp, Director of Envolment


"As a customer of many years, I am confident in AVG. It is easy to install and operate. At the same time, it protects resources and the automatic updates offer maximum security. The customer services is exemplary."
Josef Hiestand

"I am entirely satisfied with AVG AntiVirus. I have already tested a number of antivirus programs. None was as simple to operate as AVG."
Elfride Sibr

United Kingdom and Ireland

Forceindia logo


Formula 1 team and the forefront of racing technology. "We needed a comprehensive security suite that wasn’t so resource intensive yet still offered second to none protection. It was also essential that cost was kept to a minimum. Every penny saved can be spent on further developing the cars to make them quicker. The AVG Internet Security suite ticked all the right boxes. It is well-known for being comparatively light on system resources plus the licensing model works out better value than a one year licence from the more high profile brands. Upon installing AVG Internet Security across the network a number of previously unidentified viruses were found immediately and successfully removed."
Adrian Collinson, Head of IT

Arriva logo

Arriva Trains Wales

One of around 30 major rail companies within the UK. "Our IT Network Manager was running AVG AntiVirus software at home and was a big fan of the service it provided. We decided to test the network version of AVG and were delighted by the results. Soon after commencing the trial we received a virus that was not picked up by our previous antivirus product but was immediately contained by AVG. The decision was effectively made for us.” “To date, AVG has contained all network virus outbreaks. Alongside its faultless antivirus record, the excellent remote administration functionality has been very productive for us."
Richard Smee, IT Applications Manager

Pinewood logo

Pinewood Technologies

Leading provider of dealer management systems. "When our previous suppliers licence came up for renewal, we started to look at other options. We felt sure there must be alternatives that offered better value for money. We also wanted to find a solution that stayed essentially the same no matter what server you put it on. Our previous suppliers offering for servers was different than the one for clients. We are very happy with the performance of AVG and it is proving to be very good value."
Ryan Pain, IT Manager

RNIB logo

The Royal Nations Institute of the Blind

The UK’s leading charity, offering information, support, and advice to over 2 million people with sight problems. "AVG is extremely effective in preventing viruses entering our network. In my opinion, it would be very difficult to find a more cost-effective antivirus solution than AVG."
Les Thorley, Corporate Network Security Manager

Trafford General hospital

The first NHS hospital in the country, founded 1948. "AVG not only costs less to implement but it has a two year support licence rather than the one-year one you get with most other antivirus products."
Peter Johnson, IT Manager

"I first went over to AVG because of the cost, however I soon found that it worked more efficiently and didn't slow the operation of the computer as the more expensive rival did, so I will be sticking with AVG from here on in."
Roger Watling, Essex

"Continuous protection without intrusion or attention is what I see and what I get from AVG."
Leo Mericer, Truro

"Minds my system as a mother and child! Inexpensive too!"
Vincent Traynor, Dublin, Ireland

"Have had no problems with AVG whatsoever in fact when my system crashed and I got it back AVG were the first to reply to my email with details to get my AntiVirus up and running again. Excellent service."
Paul Goodwin, Brighton

"A product that’s simple , safe and secure , from a company that believes in service."
James Hume, Stirling , Scotland

"Since switching to AVG I simply cannot understand why I had not done so earlier."
Peter Downey, Sheffield

"Downloaded the upgrade version of AVG internet security last week. Definitely the best security system in the world. I would recommend it to anyone. Very easy to install and run. Your updates are now done without me knowing, with no 'pop ups' as there was with the older version. I cannot see me running a computer without AVG in future. Keep up the good work."
Mike McHugh

Westlands logo

Westlands School & Technology College

The school is part of a national pilot scheme to deliver information technology across the curriculum and plays a lead role in training for teachers in the application of IT. "AVG AntiVirus has continuously provided us comprehensive antivirus protection that allows our students to make the most of IT."
Tony Bennet, ICT Manager

CPR Works Ltd

"As a company of web designers and copywriters, we've been using AVG for many years now. We've found their anti virus program second to none and their technical support out of the proverbial top drawer."
Colin Carr, MD

Empire Interactive logo

Empire Interactive

"AVG is easy to use, yet has all the power needed to protect our computer systems. In three words Fast Simple Safe."
Andrew Ericson, Senior IT Manager

Martin Grant Homes Ltd

"1. Install it, and forget it. 2. It takes care of itself, as it takes care of you. 3. The easy going protector 4. A Vigilant Guardian protecting you when at work or play."
Len Lennard, Senior Architectural Technician

Matt Garcia Design Studio logo

Matt Garcia Design Studio

"Our design agency chooses AVG not only for its simplicity and power but sheer seamlessness with which it operates behind our many applications, allowing us to conduct our business not only with confidence but without hindrance."
Matt Garcia, Managing Director


Elections Alberta logo

Elections Alberta

Impartial and effective administer of the electoral process within the Canadian province. "I would say that the best part with AVG is its Support team. Whenever I contacted AVG I got a prompt response with detailed explanation to configure and Fix the issue."
Tom de Beyer, Director of the Register of Electors and System Support

FM-CMS Canada logo

FM-CFS Canada

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing education, research, and treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. "All of the people we touch through our organization must be assured that any communication coming from us is professional and trustworthy. And since e-mail is a critical communication tool for us, AntiVirus protection is a must."
Tom John Ernst, Executive Director of FM-CFS Canada



"In contrast to other anti virus programs AVG is slackening our systems for the absolute minimum. All spy-wares and other ad-wares are efficient blocked out. Our systems, outgoing and incoming mails are perfectly protected. Advised out of many others."
Jan Stroobant, Purchasing & Marketing Director

Echo NV

International company which produces floor elements. "Our IT personnel was using for a while AVG free at their home computers. At the moment that ECHO was looking for a antivirus program that was not consuming to much system resources but guaranteed a high level of virus protection, our choice for AVG was quickly done…"
Erwin Geeroms, Network Administrator

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We're proud to receive recognition from the press and the industry as well.

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