Benefits of our program

  • Up to 35% commission on all sales
  • 60-day referral period
  • Receive commission within 75 days of sale
  • A wide range of banners, text links, product catalog
  • Affiliate-only offers, promotions, and campaigns
  • Affiliate-focused newsletters
  • Regular incentives and bonuses
  • Rewards for top-performing partners

How does it work?

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Sign up

Sign up for the program through Commission Junction

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After approval, use CJ Account Manager to promote our products (web, email, search links, etc.)

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When a customer clicks on your links and purchases within the 60-day referral period, you'll receive a commission up to 35% of the sale value

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Get paid

Receive monthly commission payments through your CJ publisher account

AVG Affiliate Program

Earn up to 35% commission on all AVG product sales!


Becoming an AVG Affiliate


Where do I sign up for the AVG Affiliate Program?

Just click the Sign Up Now button at the bottom of this page. If you're already a member of the Commission Junction affiliate network, you can sign up for the AVG Affiliate Program directly from your CJ Account Panel.


Can I sign up for the AVG Affiliate Program if I don't have a website or blog?

It's difficult to sign up and make the most of the AVG Affiliate Program without an online presence. However, you could try promoting AVG products via social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Twitter, or YouTube. Be creative!


Does it cost anything to become an AVG Affiliate?

No, there is absolutely no cost to becoming an AVG Affiliate or joining Commission Junction.


Potential earnings & commissions


How is commission paid? How do I receive the money I've earned?

There are two methods of payment available: check and wire transfer. You will be prompted to indicate your preferred method during the registration process. The minimum payment is 25 USD, and payments are made around the 20th of each month whenever the minimum amount is reached. Amounts on your account which are less than the minimum required for payment during any month are carried over to the next month. All payments of commission are made by Commission Junction on behalf of AVG Technologies.


How do I know how much I've earned?

After signing up for the AVG Affiliate Program, you'll have access to the CJ Account Manager. Please go to the CJ Account Manager using your Affiliate ID and password obtained in the activation email you received from Commission Junction.


Commission Junction


What is Commission Junction?

Commission Junction's network, the CJ Marketplace, provides high rewards for publishers and extensive reach for advertisers while remaining the industry's most productive and only truly global network. Supported by its commitment to network quality, the CJ Marketplace provides an environment that fosters excellence in business practices while safeguarding the brands of our clients. Commission Junction provides transparency by publishing the performance metrics of all advertisers, publishers, and ads within the CJ Marketplace. By joining the CJ Marketplace, publishers and advertisers have a sophisticated, web-based interface to access information, analyze results, and manage their programs for success in real-time.


What is the CJ Account Manager?

CJ Account Manager is your tool for managing your AVG Affiliate Program information. With it you can edit your data, view your sales data, generate links, adapt your order/product page design, and export sales data.


Help resources


Where I can learn more about Affiliate Marketing, Commission Junction, and CJ Marketplace?

Please follow this link to learn more.


Where can I find more training resources?

Commission Junction offers a set of extensive video seminars available for free, at any time, at CJ Webinars. These short recorded sessions allow you to access information about how to perform tasks in the CJ Account Manager, along with vital information about affiliate marketing and some of its best practices.




Where can I find information about your privacy policies?

Privacy matters to AVG and Commission Junction. We both strive to ensure that your privacy is secure at all times. Read more about AVG Technologies' Privacy Policy and Commission Junction's Privacy Policy.

AVG Affiliate Program

Earn up to 35% commission on all AVG product sales!

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