Keep it light

Clean your Mac of hidden clutter

Removes clutter

One-click cleaning of hidden clutter

Finds duplicates

Quickly find forgotten file copies on your Mac

Easy to use

Custom designed to be as friendly as your Mac


Make room for amazing


Internetter, social sharer, garage musician, or budding photographer... Whoever you are, your Mac is key to helping you do amazing things. So give it the extra care it deserves with AVG Cleaner. Designed specifically for Mac, it lets you clear out unnecessary clutter to free up space for all the things that make your life amazing.

Clean up hidden clutter

Quickly find any hidden clutter you may have accumulated and clean it with just one click



  • Cache & junk files
  • Log files
  • Downloaded file history
  • Trash contents

Clean and simple

And easy to use too

Cleaning needn’t be a chore. In fact, AVG Cleaner makes it a breeze. Reveal hidden clutter with a click, and quickly preview duplicate files to decide which to remove. From there, one click is all it takes to tidy things up faster than it takes most people to finish their morning coffee.

Track down duplicates

Save time by letting AVG Cleaner sniff out hidden duplicates for you

  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Documents




This is just the beginning

The first of many amazing products for your Mac


AVG Cleaner is the first of many upcoming products for the Mac. Professionally built from the ground up, our Mac lineup is custom designed to be as useful and user-friendly as the Mac you love.