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Hackers and Hacking

Hacker AVG Business
What's inside?

Did you know that it takes just 3.5 minutes to hack a password of 6 lowercase letters?
To most small business owners, being hacked is something they'd rather not think about or, even worse, is something they believe can't happen to them. Well, it can—and does—happen on a regular basis. And that's precisely why you need to arm yourself with knowledge that will help you make better decisions about your online security.
This guide helps business owners understand the threat of hacking, the motives behind it, what's at risk, and how to combat these kinds of attacks.
Download your free Hackers and Hacking eBook, which covers the following topics:

  • Hackers: Who are they?
  • The most common forms of online attacks
  • Steps to protect your business

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Excerpt Quote

It doesn’t take long to find a site or network with poor security. Hackers don’t spend days or weeks trawling the Internet looking for sites to hack, they create code to do that for them which ceaselessly scans for weaknesses, flaws and open doors.

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