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SafePrice is more than a price comparison tool.

Used by more than 3 million people worldwide, our add-on helps you save money by showing you the lowest prices, and it helps you stay safe by pointing you to 30,000+ verified stores.

Shop smarter to save money

Hunting down the best offer doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. AVG SafePrice does it for you automatically, by scanning thousands of verified shops and travel sites to pull up the lowest prices.

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Pay less, shop more

Compare prices without even leaving your favourite website, to pay less for your purchases.

icon find deals

Find deals and coupons

Save money with coupons and special offers on plane tickets, hotels, electronics, clothes, and more.

icon right stores

Shop at the right stores

Buy from reputable online shops to protect yourself from fake websites and online fraud.

One add-on for all your shopping needs

Using SafePrice couldn’t be easier:

  • Simply go to your favourite online shop or travel site
  • Pick the item you want to buy
  • We’ll automatically scan the Internet to find the best prices for you

You don’t even need to open multiple tabs — we’ll display coupons and deals straight in your browser.

Problems with the addon? Visit our Support Center.

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