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Site Safety gives you clear safety ratings for the websites you visit, and shows you which search results are safe to click.

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Take back control of your privacy

Do Not Track shows you which websites are collecting data on your online activities and allows you to block or allow them.

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Browser cleaner

Clean your tracks

Browser Cleaner protects your privacy by deleting all of your browsing history and cookies with a single click.






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You can change your default homepage and search provider at any time. Just click the AVG logo to open AVG Web TuneUp, and then click the settings icon. Your homepage and search provider can be changed from there.

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For Chrome users

Safety + Convenience

To prevent interruptions to your browsing and keep you protected from dangerous websites, AVG Web TuneUp now auto-confirms Chrome alerts for you when AVG Web TuneUp changes your default search, homepage, start page, and new tab page.

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