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Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device, guy
What's inside?
Greater flexibility, higher productivity, cost savings, and increased employee satisfaction. What business owner wouldn’t want all of these?
That’s what the phenomenon known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can bring to your organisation.
But is allowing all employees access to their work email on their personal smartphones or tablets always a good thing? What happens when they leave your business and retain emails that contain sensitive company information?
All this and more is why BYOD is challenging today’s business owners—and why our guide is essential to steering you through these unchartered waters.
Download your free Bring Your Own Device eBook, covering topics including:
  • The opportunity and risks for your business
  • Legal issues owners need to consider
  • How to plan and execute BYOD/li>
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If employees can work with a range of devices in different places then this enables them to work whenever, wherever. Your customers, too, can benefit from this change because your employees may be able to service them at times which are more convenient to them and their lifestyle.

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