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Here at AVG we provide small businesses a range of content and tools enabling you to continue your growth while staying safe online. Come on in.

It Pays to Pay Attention: The AVG View

The internet and smart living represent a significant cyber challenge for small businesses. Knowing what you need be checking, when to check and how to check - is going to be crucial to the success of your business.

AVG is committed to providing the best tools for businesses to prepare themselves. Here, AVG’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Judy Bitterli describes the thinking behind the launch of the IT Health Check Tool. View video

AVG Small Business IT Security Health Check

What are the questions that you need to consider regarding the state of your IT Security? As a small business, with so many things going on, it’s easy to get lost in the mire.

Here, AVG compiles all the essential subjects which every small business should bear in mind when considering the health of its IT Security. Learn more

A Guide to Online Markets

Small businesses continue to find the internet unlocking more and more markets. But how to discern between them? Which market represents the best opportunity for your business and how best to go about entering that particular space?

This interactive tool, put together by AVG, aims to arm businesses with only the most relevant digital details of selected key online markets around the world. Learn more

Small Business Digital Policy Guide

Technology is blurring the traditional divide between a worker’s home life and their career. They bring their personal tech to work – and take work calls and emails on the same device that has photos of their family and social comments. It’s vital that businesses understand the risks and have the right policies and infrastructure in place to deal with this ever-connected world.

Key safety advice – from how to manage your firms social activity to employees’ use of personal smart tech.
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