We know the things you like to do on your computer - surfing, shopping, banking, downloading and chatting with your friends - so we developed AVG Internet Security to give you the multiple layers of protection you need to stay safe online. Internet Security is constantly on alert, so you don’t have to be.

AVG Internet Security

AVG Anti-Virus makes sure your computer stays free of viruses, spyware, and other bad stuff. You also get AVG’s unique LinkScanner® technology to keep you safe from harmful websites by scanning them right before you go to them.

AVG Antivirus

With AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall, you get all the protection of AVG Anti-Virus with the added benefit of the newly-enhanced AVG firewall to ensure your files and personal information are safe from hackers and other prying eyes.

AVG Antivirus with Firewall

The more time you spend online, the more important it is to keep your personal information secure. Anti-virus alone is no longer enough to keep you safe when you’re shopping and banking online. Whatever anti-virus you use, you need the added security of AVG Identity Protection.

AVG Antivirus
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Network and server protection

If you have a small business network and you’d like to extend your AVG protection to secure your business information and users, we can help!