How to Check & Monitor Your GPU Temperature

A high GPU temp signals that your PC needs a few tweaks. Learn how to check and monitor your GPU temperature and protect the health of your computer.

How to Recover & Restore Deleted Files in Windows

Find out how to recover deleted files in Windows using these step-by-step guides. Lost files and folders can be retrieved and restored if you know where to look.

Top 10 Android Resource Hogs: Battery, Storage & Data

Snapchat, YouTube, and Google Maps are among the top 10 Android resource hogs, while Netflix has become far less demanding. Learn more in our report.

AVG Android App Performance Report Q4 2014

AVG Android App Performance Report for Q4 2014 reveals the latest storage-eating, battery-draining, and mobile data-hogging apps draining your devices.

AVG Android App Performance Report Q1 2015

Check out the AVG Android App Report Q1 2015. Learn about hot new apps, performance drainers, which apps people spend the most time on, and more.

Should You Shut Down, Sleep or Hibernate Your PC or Mac Laptop?

Don’t know when to shut down, sleep or hibernate your PC or Mac laptop? Does putting your computer to sleep damage it? We cover all the pros and cons of the different ways you can give your laptop a well-deserved rest, and show you when to choose one option over the others.

How to Speed Up Boot Time on Your Windows PC or Laptop

Is your Windows PC or laptop slow to boot? We’ll show you the most likely causes and required steps to speed up Windows startup time. Read more here!

Top 3 Ways to Clean Temporary Files From Your Computer

Temporary files take up space, slow down your PC and contribute to crashes. Here are 3 ways guaranteed to find and wipe them off your system.

Why Does My PC Get Slower Over Time?

The more programs you install on a PC, the more digital weight it has to carry, and the slower it becomes. But you can speed things back up!

Give Your Android Device More Space, Speed & Battery Life

Clean your Android Smartphone or Tablet with these simple one-tap tips and tricks! They’re all free, so get started today.

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