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You have four hours free (and no internet), what would you do?

Read a book
Ride a bike
White water rafting
Base jump in wingsuit

Which best represents your PIN for protecting your phone?

Dog’s birthday
Post-it note that says “Don’t touch”

Where do you browse the web?

At home
At work
At a nice café
At a seedy café

There’s a tornado outside. What do you do?

Take shelter in the basement
Record it from your window
Stand on your porch for a better view
Chase it in a car

You find a USB thumb drive in the street. What do you do?

Throw it away
Give it to a friend who needs one
Peak inside
Go ahead and use it

Assume you are dog person – which dog would you get as a pet?

Chow chow

Which of the following exotic pets would you like to have?

Burmese python

You’ve just bought a new computer. What do you do first?

Install antivirus (of course)
Post a photo of the new PC to Facebook
See how fast it streams video
Test download speeds with a few torrents

It’s time for your holidays – where would you go?

Museums and sightseeing in Europe
Relax on a beach
Auto tour in mountains
Kayak down a waterfall
Cliff clinging in China
Volcano walking or surfing

Where do you do most of your banking?

Teller desk at a bank
Online banking at home
Random ATM machine
Smartphone as needed

Of the following, what’s your favorite online activity? Be honest. :-)

Stream video from a paid service
Social media
Explores new sites
Adult content

A Facebook poll asks you to name your first pet, your favorite school teacher, the first job you had, etc. By taking this poll, you’ll learn something about yourself. What do you do?

Ignore the poll
Share the poll but don’t take it
Reply generally to the poll and share
Answer all the questions and share it

You’re in Spain and decide to visit Pamplona – what do you do?

Sit in a café
Watch a bull fight
Watch the running of the bulls
Run with the bulls

Which of these is on your bucket list to do or see?

Cool castle
Skywalk at Grand Canyon
Ride a camel at pyramids
Ice climb a frozen waterfall
Helicopter ski

Potential Darwin Award Winner

You love extremes. You guzzle energy drinks while batwing diving through canyons and cityscapes. That’s you walking on lava in that clip for adventure travel. That’s also you chasing the tornado.

We love watching you on YouTube — but please stay away from our kids, homes, PCs, and phones. We’d suggest helmets and antivirus protection, but we’re not sure you’d listen. Your do love life (however short it may be).

Risk Taker

We love you. You push us to try crazy things like skateboarding and dogsled racing. We follow you down black diamonds even though we know we’re going to wipe out. You’ve sent us strange links, hilarious games, and more fail videos than we can count.

Yet we’ve only detected a few bad links and viruses—you like risk, but you keep your car tuned up and don't pet strange dogs.


Everything in moderation — that’s your motto. You mountain bike but not down 90% grades. You windsurf but not when gales are blowing. But it’s not all action. You also like the laid-back pleasures of movies and dining out. You ask before petting someone’s pooch. And when you visit Pamplona, you stay away from the bulls.

So you’ve got some impressive stories, but nothing that will scare your children (too much).

Safety Minded

When you rock climb you’re helmeted and harnessed. You never text while driving or walking. You keep sporting goods and electronics in tip-top shape and stop exertion before you pull a muscle or burn out a battery. And you read books (those things with paper pages).

It makes you a great role model, and we want our kids to hang with yours so they’ll stop running with scissors and using tablets without link protection and extra tall firewalls.

Safety Nut

Wow! You’re going to live to be 100! We’d trust you with our kids, our homes, and our smartphones. You shun ATMs, reject public WiFi, and tape over the camera on your laptop. You’re the one we call when we need advice on security for PCs, gaming rigs, smartphones, smart meters, smart cars, and smart everything else.

Having said all that, it wouldn’t hurt to loosen up a bit. But please check our job postings. We are always looking for people as dedicated to being safe as we are.

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