Personalize your Windows® Vista icons
with AVG Styler

You can install the following Windows Vista icon packs and desktop icons with the help of AVG Styler. AVG Styler is included in the current version of our tuneup product.

Clicking on the categories listed below brings up various Windows Vista icon packs. Click on an image to see an enlarged preview. Clicking on "Download" downloads the file and you can then display the Windows Vista icon packs in AVG Styler.

If AVG Styler is not displayed automatically, you can start the program manually click on "System elements" within the "Icons" category and then on the "Icon packages..." button. Click on "Add" in the window that pops up and select the file you have downloaded by clicking on "Load icon package" from file.

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Select a category:

Windows Vista icon packs: Colorful

Faraway Dream

Author: Maxdison
Size: 1.87 MB


HeavyEquipment II

Author: Jack Nolan
Size: 5.38 MB



Author: Mathieu Cailleaud
Size: 2.45 MB



Author: DuoPixart
Size: 2.03 MB



Author: Ross Fairbanks
Size: 5.76 MB



Author: Al Secrest
Size: 2.71 MB



Author: Cycoced
Size: 5.41 MB


Windows Vista icon packs: Traditional


Author: Alexis Righetti
Size: 3.22 MB



Size: 1.63 MB



Author: Ross Fairbanks
Size: 2.77 MB


SE Interface (blue)

Author: Damian Strain (mrSkope)
Size: 4.08 MB


SE Interface (red)

Author: Damian Strain (mrSkope)
Size: 4.25 MB


SE Interface (yellow)

Author: Damian Strain (mrSkope)
Size: 4.34 MB


Windows Vista icon packs: Modern


Author: Solid_Nuts
Size: 5.23 MB


Tenebra Lux

Author: Cycoced
Size: 6.14 MB


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