The files you have sent us from your Virus Vault were analyzed, and the results are in the email you have received. Here is a description of these results, and information how to proceed further.

1. Correct detection

In case the file is detected correctly, it will not be removed from the AVG detection. If you believe that the file should not be detected by AVG, please contact our Technical Support.

If you decide to keep the file and use it with the risk of possible payload it may carry, you can restore it from the AVG Virus Vault, and manually exclude it from the AVG detection:

  • If the file is detected as a Potentially Unwanted Program
    • Please open AVG - menu "Tools" - "Advanced settings" - "Potentially Unwanted Programs".
    • Click "Add exception" and browse to the file.
  • If the file is detected as a virus
    • Please open AVG - menu "Tools" - "Advanced settings" - "Anti-Virus" - "Resident Shield" - "Exceptions".
    • "Add Path" to the folder which contains the file or use "Add File" to exclude the file itself.
    • Please note that the file will be still detected by AVG test. However, you can disable automatic healing in AVG - menu "Tools" - "Advanced settings" - "Scans" - "Whole computer scan" - disable the option "Automatically heal/remove infections".
    • To disable automatic healing by scheduled scan open AVG- menu "Tools" - "Advanced settings" - "Schedules" - "Scheduled scan" - "How to scan" - disable the option "Automatically heal/remove infections".

2. False detection

If the analysis shows that the detection of the file was incorrect, the next Definitions update will contain fix of this detection. Please update your AVG and if a new Definitions update was downloaded, please check whether the file is still detected. There are again two possible scenarios:

  • The file was removed from detection within the downloaded Definitions update
    • This update is usually released at least once a day, but it might not be possible to remove all false detections within these updates.
  • The file was not removed yet within the latest Definitions update
    • Some specific viruses require more complicated detection, and the new Definitions file for this type infections is released less frequently.
    • The detection will be removed from AVG Definitions within one of the future updates (in a matter of days).


3. Sent for deep manual analysis

In case it is needed to analyze the file manually. There's a possibility that the automatic analysis is not evident. In such case the file is re-send to our virus lab for deep manual analysis. You will get the result in a separate email as soon as possible.