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Schools across the globe enjoy the piece of mind that being protected by AVG brings. Wouldn’t you like to share that protection, and earn funding for your school at the same time? Tell your neighboring schools and districts about all that AVG for Education has to offer and when one of your referrals becomes a customer, you’ll both get donations mailed back to your school.

The AVG 5% / 5% Donation Program.

Spread the word and earn a donation to your school & the school you refer. Every time one of your referrals makes the switch to AVG, we’ll send checks out to both schools. How easy is that?

Unlimited Donations to your School.

Refer as many schools as you you want. There’s no limit on how much you can earn for your school.

How does it work?
You already own and use an AVG Business, Network, or Education product in your Institution.
Refer a school to AVG.
After the school you refer makes a purchase, we send your school a check for 5% of the total purchase price.
The school you referred gets a check for 5% of the total purchase price, too.
Tell a friend at another school
Repeat steps 1-5.

It's that simple. Refer a school, and when they purchase, AVG will send donations back to both organizations.

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